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Barrels burn all night at Western Slope orchards as farmers try to save crop from spring freeze

Some fruit farmers are still recovering from hard freezes in 2020 and 2021


High wheat prices don’t mean Colorado farmers are getting rich. Most are worried about just getting a crop.


A Longmont farm wants to teach people how to grow food under solar panels

Jack’s Solar Garden will use $40,000 from the Boulder County Sustainability Tax to fund educational initiatives


Zornio: Vertical farming is transforming Colorado’s Front Range

Modern agricultural practices are saving water, increasing crop yields, ending food deserts and are even tastier than before

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Punished by drought, some southwest Colorado farmers survived 2021 on 10% of their normal water supply

Last year’s dry conditions made it difficult for farmers in southwest Colorado — they’re hoping they can make it through what could be another tough year.


Zornio: Amid growing water shortages, Colorado’s agricultural scene must change

As droughts continue to ravage the American West, traditional methods of agriculture remain the top drain on Colorado's dwindling water supply

Opinion Columns

One Colorado farmer is going against the grain to use less water. It’s working.

Lowell King, who’s been farming in the Grand Valley since 2005, is deploying what's known as regenerative agriculture


Colorado farmworkers pick food they can’t afford to buy themselves

Many studies show how often farm workers struggle to feed their own families


On the Navajo Nation, “putting seeds in the ground is our greatest act of resistance,” Fort Lewis students learn

Internship program hones lessons taught by parents and grandparents as students learn the role food, housing, language and ritual play in contemporary human rights struggles. 


Farmers hit with most disruptive price hikes, supply shortages in decades as pandemic slowdowns catch up to Colorado

Colorado farmers and agricultural businesses have been hit with cost increases for pesticides, fertilizer and other supplies as global supply chains sputter in the wake of the pandemic.


A Colorado school district wants its students to know where their food comes from — and how to scramble an egg

Two school districts in Routt County, Hayden and South Routt, are using a state grant to infuse agriculture into every grade, pre-K through high school.


First-ever Colorado River water cuts will hammer Arizona farmers

Climate change, drought and high demand are expected to force the first-ever mandatory cuts to a water supply that 40 million people across the American West depend on


As Colorado drought cuts hay crop, cattle ranchers face decision about culling their herds

As the drought worsens across the West and ushers in an early fire season, cattle ranchers are among those feeling the pain


How is Colorado’s new farmworkers’ rights bill being received by migrant farmworkers? With a shrug.

In fields hours away from the political pressure cooker of the Colorado legislature, Senate Bill 87 is stoking a different kind of debate.


Two-thirds of farmers said the pandemic impacted their mental health. But providers are underfunded and underequipped.

The stigma of acknowledging the need for mental health care can prevent people from seeking it.


Colorado restaurants are funding farming and ranching projects that suck carbon from the atmosphere

Some see regenerative agriculture as a key way to reduce the amount of CO2 in the air worsening climate change.


Animal cruelty initiative aggravates Colorado ranchers fresh off MeatOut Day controversy

The proposed ballot measure would make ranchers wait to slaughter animals until they are older, which ranchers say would devastate Colorado’s agriculture economy.


San Luis Valley ranchers see dividends in saving water for fish. Are they on to something?

Some ranchers are paid to change when they draw water from San Luis Valley reservoirs. There are benefits for fish, but also for management of land and animals.


Mitigation “bank” near Greeley will offset wetland damage, meet Clean Water Act rules

For the first time in 20 years, a new Clean Water Act mitigation bank breaks ground on the Front Range


Food grown for research once rotted in Colorado fields. Now, it’s feeding the hungry

Colorado State University agriculture experiment stations are donating the fresh produce they grow to food banks

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