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Laura Pritchett: Over the Gunnison Valley, airplanes and acronyms converged

For my students, taking to the sky for an aerial view of Colorado's precious lands offered perspective on the effort to preserve them


Drought and irrigation demands will drain two Eastern Plains reservoirs, killing fisheries and the local economy

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has issued emergency fish salvages at Queens and Jumbo reservoirs, which will run dry this summer. Local communities are bracing for the loss of anglers.


Second round of Denver e-bike rebates snapped up in hours, leaving only a few for income-qualified applicants

Denver had 2,000 rebate vouchers available. They went fast in a crush of applications that crashed the computer system used to accept them


Federal judge throws out Trump-era rollbacks on endangered species

Environmental groups “incredibly relieved" at Northern California judge's ruling; feds to reinstate blanket rule mandating additional protections for newly classified species


Supreme Court limits EPA’s authority to curb power plant emissions

In a blow to the fight against climate change, the Supreme Court has limited how the nation’s main anti-air pollution law can be used to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power plants.


Electric school buses are in Colorado’s future. But districts need help paying for them.

Several districts have already started converting school bus fleets to electric. A new state grant program is making the $400K buses affordable.


All the cool Colorado universities and colleges have one: a mountain campus

The University of Denver is the latest higher education institution in Colorado to open a mountain campus. CU, CSU and Colorado College have had them for decades.


Zornio: Outdoor enthusiasts in Colorado should prepare to face more extreme wildfires

Wildfires are a fact of life in Colorado. With a hot, dry summer approaching, make preparations before you venture into the outdoors.

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To refine water forecasts, Western cities — including some in Colorado — map the snowpack by plane

For decades, Western U.S. states have been measuring snow through hundreds of remote sensing sites known as SNOTEL stations. But as climate change causes rising temperatures, water managers are looking for other ways to finetune forecasting methods.


Boulder climate activist’s self-immolation stirs questions on faith, protest

Wynn Bruce, a climate activist and Buddhist, set himself on fire in front of the U.S. Supreme Court last week.


Carman: Suncor’s days of beguiling regulators and befouling our air at last may be numbered

EPA finally has started paying attention, thanks to intense pressure from environmental organizations, community advocates and U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette.

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Carman: Prying the leaf blowers from Coloradans’ cold, dead hands

Senate Bill 138 would make selling gas-power lawn mowers and leaf blowers illegal in some parts of Colorado. They are a plague to our health and our hearing.

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Colorado regulators overhaul rules to ensure there’s money to clean up orphan wells

Commissioners say the rule overhaul reduces the risk to the state. Environmental groups say they’re so complicated, it’s impossible to tell if that’s true.


SunLit Excerpt: “Gods of the Bay” speak to protagonist Katie Russo in a climate-change narrative

A young woman's return to her Long Island roots reacquaints her with both nostalgia and harsh environmental realities


Patagonia, REI, others threaten to boycott Outdoor Retailer if it moves back to Salt Lake City

The companies accused Utah's leaders of trying to chip away at protections for national monuments and public lands


Zornio: Climate change is not enough of a focus in Colorado’s 2022 legislative start

Two weeks after the most destructive wildfire in Colorado’s history, lawmakers appear ready to downplay the climate crisis

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Carman: Rebuilding from the Marshall fire should be a model of climate adaptation

By not planning for climate change, not working to mitigate risk and failing to build sustainable systems, we set ourselves up for more multibillion-dollar disaster response efforts

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Environmental groups launch six-figure ad campaign pressuring Colorado’s governor to act on abandoned oil and gas wells

The groups behind the campaign, which comes as Gov. Jared Polis is gearing up for a reelection push, are the Sierra Club, ProgressNow Colorado, LOGIC Colorado and Colorado Rising

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Water worries in West force professional sports teams to get creative with their turf, toilets

With scientists predicting that climate change will lead to droughts and possible water shortages throughout the West in the coming years, The Associated Press asked pro teams in the Colorado River Basin who have grass or ice playing surfaces about use and sustainability strategies


Jim Morrissey: Frosty couldn’t conjure a Colorado climate change miracle

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