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Opinion: Why COVID drove me to change my career

Why do I do what I do? The question became louder during the pandemic

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COVID-related labor laws, from vaccine mandates to paid leave, have Colorado employers confused

Employers are balancing vaccine requirements with labor shortages and trying to keep up with changes to national, state and local labor laws


Drew Litton: Giving thanks for a supply chain interruption


Nearly half of all people released from prison in Colorado return in 3 years. A $1.1 million program aims to reverse the trend.

Recruiting “first-chance” employers willing to hire people just out of prison is critical to the program, which also will fund training, mentoring and other support

Crime and Courts

Opinion: Employees with disabilities can get the job done

Meet my son, John, who discovered companies were eager to hire, until they met him in person

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Carman: Ruthless misogyny is behind our failure to care for children

Reliable, affordable care for kids is vital infrastructure. People dropping out of the workforce is a clear sign of a fiscal death spiral.

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Opinion: To argue against Colorado’s new Equal Pay Act is to argue against market transparency

And if more transparency means higher wages, then yes, please.

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Coloradans are paying a lot more for Uber and Lyft trips — if they can even find a ride. Here’s why.

The ride-hailing companies are experiencing a driver shortage. That’s why, just as the pandemic eases and people flock to restaurants and bars, prices have jumped.


Opinion: Colorado employers should watch DaVita antitrust case with trepidation

If the feds prevail, it will rewrite a century of settled employment law.

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Carman: No child care, no kids. And don’t call me baby. Got it?

For women who want families and careers, the obstacles are often insurmountable. The American Families Plan is a start.

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Opinion: Why Colorado’s economy shouldn’t just return to “normal” after COVID-19

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Contact tracing in Colorado immigrant communities is most effective with voices from within

Long-standing health care disparities, job insecurity, immigration status, language barriers and a profound distrust of government all complicate the already tricky task

Opinion: Transitioning away from fossil fuels will mean more jobs, not fewer

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Opinion: Why Bay Area tech workers should move to Denver

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Colorado workers must be offered paid sick leave starting next year. Here’s what that means for you.

Senate Bill 205 also will require employers to provide two weeks of paid sick leave to people infected with coronavirus or who must care for a loved one who catches the disease

Politics and Government

Fraudsters foiled by Colorado’s unemployment office as number of new out-of-work claims decline

State rolls out fraud prevention tips in case you’re one of those employed folks who received unemployment notices in the mail


Nearly one-third of new pandemic unemployment claims last week were fake, Colorado’s labor department says

The FBI is investigating the multi-state scheme involving stolen identities and backdated claims. Meanwhile, the department stopped payments on half of them, resulting in $34 million not being paid.


Littwin: Neil Gorsuch’s ruling for LGBTQ rights proves that irony is not quite dead

Colorado’s very own, very conservative Supreme Court justice helps amend state’s tortured history on gay rights.

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Colorado unemployment filings decline for sixth straight week, though payouts remain high

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment said on Thursday that 15,603 initial claims were filed last week for people normally eligible to collect benefits


Only 6% of calls to Colorado’s unemployment line are getting answered. But changes are on the horizon.

Calls to the state's unemployment call center are 10-30 times higher than pre-coronavirus. Colorado has ramped up its capacity, but soon getting help may no longer require a phone call.

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