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Kerr-McGee’s plan to drill oil and gas wells within 2,000 feet of homes in Firestone is rejected by regulators

A bid by the state’s largest oil and gas producer to drill 26 wells within 2,000 feet of 62 homes in Firestone was rejected Thursday by Colorado regulators. It was the first major test of the state’s requirement that oil and gas drilling be set back at least 2,000 feet from homes and schools. Both […]

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Colorado’s largest driller still wants to put wells within 2,000 feet of homes, but offers some concessions

Kerr-McGee reversed course Wednesday and agreed to use an electric rig and non-polluting drilling muds and to pipe waste water off site in a bid to drill oil and gas wells within 2,000 feet of homes in a Firestone neighborhood. Kerr-McGee, the state’s biggest oil and gas producer, announced the concessions during a Colorado Oil […]

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Colorado drilling company behind leaks, spills will pay a fraction of the massive fine it initially faced

Front Range oil and gas company KP Kauffman has agreed to a comprehensive clean-up of spills and releases from wells, tanks, and flowlines at 74 sites under a “global” remediation plan and to pay a $795,000 fine – just about a fifth of what state regulators initially sought. The compliance agreement was approved by the […]

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Opinion: The health risks of fracking justify Adams County’s new regulations

Despite the self-interested pleas and organized letter-writing campaigns of Colorado’s oil and gas industry, Adams County Commissioners voted to enact reasonable restrictions and regulations on fracking and fracking-related activities. Kudos to them for their courage in the face of special-interest pressure, and congratulations to Adams County residents and the rest of us in neighboring counties, […]

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Opinion: New oil and gas rules make Colorado a leader in protecting public and the environment

Let’s set the record straight: Coloradans can’t trust the oil and gas industry to put public health and safety ahead of their bottom line. Just like any other industry, oil and gas must be held accountable in order to protect the well being of Coloradans and our environment. Thankfully, new rules governing oil and gas […]

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Colorado oil and gas regulators finalize new rules for the drilling industry — and themselves

Colorado’s regulatory arm for the energy industry on Monday formally set itself on a new path to prioritize public health and safety, and the environment when making decisions on oil and gas drilling permits. The changes to the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission are the result of Senate Bill 181, which was passed by […]