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Silverman: Kyle Clark deserves our thanks for standing up to bullies

The 9News anchor is on the frontlines battling disinformation, detractors and Trump’s big election lies. He's endured threats, insults and bogus lawsuits.

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Zornio: Is the Russian invasion of Ukraine the start of World War III?

Western democracies are hesitant to engage Putin directly, but we can’t launch a war that may have already been waged

Opinion Columns

What’d I Miss?: Medical advice right from the horse’s mouth


As Donald Trump pushes disinformation, Colorado election officials reassure public on voting

The president’s tweets are creating questions about mail-in ballots and the Postal Service even in states with established systems

Politics and Government

Uncertainty fuels coronavirus scams, misinformation around Colorado

From stimulus check robocalls to phony cures to politically driven campaigns, information voids are helping bad information spread online