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Smoke from faraway wildfires may be worse for Coloradans than if it came from blazes in their own backyards

For long stretches of the summer the Front Range has been bathed in smoke traveling hundreds of miles from California and Oregon wildfires and it turns out that long-range smoke could be more dangerous than the fumes from homegrown forest fires. Some initial studies have shown that long-range smoke may be more toxic and since […]

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Rising insulin costs force 40% of Colorado diabetics to ration its use, AG’s report says

More than 40% of Coloradans with diabetes responding to a survey said their insulin costs are so high that they dangerously ration their own use of the lifesaving drug at least once a year, according to a state attorney general’s report.  Insulin costs for Colorado patients rose 262% in the past 10 years, a massive […]

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Not pandemic-proof: Insulin copay caps fall short in Colorado and other states, fueling underground exchanges

By Markian Hawryluk, Kaiser Health News D.j. Mattern had her Type 1 diabetes under control until COVID’s economic upheaval cost her husband his hotel maintenance job and their health coverage. The 42-year-old Denver woman suddenly faced insulin’s exorbitant list price — anywhere from $125 to $450 per vial — just as their household income shrank. […]

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Opinion: Is your neighborhood raising your risk? Redlining set Denver communities up for more coronavirus danger

Vicente Arenas moved to the edge of Denver’s Valverde neighborhood, attracted by low housing prices and proximity to his downtown job just three miles away. The 1-square-mile neighborhood mixes small, ranch-style homes with auto body shops, metal fabricators and industrial supply warehouses, and is hemmed in on its four sides by state highways and interstates. […]

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Meals on Wheels is still delivering in western Colorado — but without the side of conversation

Ninety-year-old Rose Konola misses the conversations she used to have with Meals on Wheels volunteers who bring hot lunches to her home four days a week. COVID-19 has changed the way the Mesa County chapter of the program provides meals to the elderly. While crucial to ensuring the safety of both clients and drivers, the necessary distancing […]

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For diabetes patients, new health threats and cost concerns surface during coronavirus

Samantha Almeida was working at a furniture store the summer before her junior year at Denver’s Thomas Jefferson High School, when her bosses started noticing signs that Samantha might have diabetes before she did. Almeida would ask for extra bathroom breaks from her cashier’s station because she was drinking so much water. She seemed tired […]