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Denver Water

Denver Water
Denver Water

Denver streams are glorified fountains, supplied mostly by your sprinkler heads

A new study from CSU shows 80% of summer flows in pleasing city creeks comes from tap water and lawn water leaking back into what should be a dry gulch.


The reason you aren’t allowed to swim in Dillon Reservoir may surprise you

It doesn't have to do with water quality. And it's the same reason you can't swim in other Denver Water reservoirs.


Could Colorado cities save enough water to stop building dams?

Conservation groups want more “cash for grass” and other plans to acquire new water by saving it. But Denver and Aurora, among others, say there’s only so much to cut before a new dam is needed.


Drought-caused Colorado River fishing restrictions lifted, but it may be a temporary reprieve

Wildfire smoke has help deflect solar radiation and kept the river relatively cool. But aquatic biologists warn hot weather, low water levels and sediment in the river could combine to starve trout of oxygen and future bans.


How water rights work in Colorado — and why severe drought makes them work differently

Parched residents’ questions answered, from how much water the Front Range takes from the Western Slope, to how a power dam near Glenwood Springs saves Colorado River fishies


Denver Water sues Boulder County, says slow walk of Gross Reservoir decisions threaten federal permits

The fight over raising the height of Gross Dam has gone on for years. Denver Water says Boulder County now is using stalling tactics to stop the $464 million project.


Some of the priciest Denver real estate is going to the frogs in major Cherry Creek upgrade

Turning a mini-Grand Canyon on Cherry Creek Drive South into a pleasure cruise for wildlife, humans and their dogs is a multimillion-dollar prospect for just 1 mile, but reviews are ecstatic.


Environmental groups appeal court decision that would pave way for Denver Water to raise Gross Reservoir Dam

River and water defenders say judge erred in blocking their challenge to a massive expansion of Boulder County dam and lake


Colorado’s latest proposal to divert water from the Western Slope is a complex, disputed set of pipes

Northern Water wants to flood a valley southwest of Loveland, but the water comes from Grand County, prompting lawsuits over what some say is a devil’s bargain


14 Front Range cities coordinate to warn of water shortages in alarmingly dry year

Cities are watching snowpack and reservoir storage closely. The district serving Highlands Ranch says its reservoirs are 25% less full than is normal for this time of year.


Opinion: On this one thing, 9 Colorado water managers agree

Venture capital has circled Colorado water before. This time, investors are posturing as the only solution to a climate change driven reduction in the flows of our rivers.


Colorado’s ornery, independent water guardians finally agree on one thing: Wall Street can look elsewhere

It’s rare to see Front Range water managers like Denver Water and Northern Water joining counterparts on the Western Slope


Record low Lake Powell and bad 2021 drought forecast sets stage for water cuts

The Bureau of Reclamation’s dire projections for Colorado River Basin reservoirs for the first time triggers drought contingency planning across seven basin states.


Squeezed by two megafires: Northern Water’s race to save Grand Lake

Colorado's largest exporter of water from the Western Slope had to use an untested backup system to make sure water kept flowing from taps on the Front Range.


As pandemic hammers its finances, Vail pulls out of state cloud seeding program

Vail Resorts says it can't afford to cover 20% of the $1.5M Colorado spends to trigger more snow and ultimately more water.


The high cost of climate change is already straining the budgets of Colorado towns

As wildfires, avalanches and drought increase in intensity, worried city managers are planning and budgeting for better water systems and backup sources.


Opinion: Colorado needs a water market to reduce Colorado River water use

Opinion Columns

How coronavirus and drought have combined to affect Colorado’s limited water supply

While two of Colorado’s largest water providers noticed big drops in some use when the pandemic hit, those savings are now being erased as people water their parched grass


As forests burn in Colorado and around the world, drinking water is at risk

Denver Water, which serves 1.4 million customers, discovered “the high cost of being reactive” after ash and sediment runoff from two large, high-intensity fires, in 1996 and 2002, clogged a reservoir


Determining how much water Colorado’s snowpack will yield is an inexact science, but researchers persist

The specter of climate change underscores the importance of gauging how well Colorado’s mountains can wring moisture from those enigmatic flakes

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