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Denver police

Denver police

Human remains found in pair of large suitcases in southwest Denver

The Denver coroner's office, which determined the unidentified remains belonged to one person, has not released a cause or manner of death

Shooting amid Denver protests leaves man dead; 9News security guard detained as suspect

Videos taken at the scene just outside of the Denver Art Museum showed a confrontation in a crowd of people followed by a single gunshot being fired

Denver police investigate allegation that officer used baton to sexually assault protester

Denver police spokesperson Jay Casillas confirmed the department is conducting an internal investigation of the allegation and declined further comment because it is ongoing

12 arrested, 1 officer hurt during “riot” in Denver; governor calls vandalism “acts of criminal terrorism”

Fireworks were shot at officers, an American flag and a tree outside a courthouse were set on fire, windows were shattered and fast-food restaurant was broken into during the unrest

Denver police look for masked suspects in fire that killed 5

Killed were Djibril and Adja Diol, along with their 22-month-old daughter Khadija, as well as relative Hassan Diol and her infant daughter Hawa Baye.

Former Denver police officer helps track down Colorado prison escapee who shot him decades ago

Luis Archuleta, 77, also known as Larry Pusateri, was arrested Wednesday in Espanola, New Mexico,

Senegal president offers condolences to victims of Denver fire that killed 5

Senegal Consul General Elhadji Ndao flew to Denver on Thursday at the request of his country's leaders and said he is looking forward to the investigation

5 found dead after fire in northeast Denver; police say they found evidence of arson

The Denver Police Department says it will "be providing full logistical and investigative support in this matter."

Denver gives state troopers ability to enforce city laws around Capitol, governor’s mansion at Polis’ request

The move gives the Colorado State Patrol more leeway to stop graffiti and address encampments on state-owned land in Denver. It comes as a growing number of people camp out near state-owned buildings.

Colorado’s 2015 law changing how officer-involved shootings are reviewed still lets police agencies investigate themselves

State lawmakers and prosecutors are vowing to push for and support changes after questions from The Colorado Sun about the measure

The Colorado attorney general’s review of Elijah McClain’s death is unprecedented. Here’s how it may go.

Experts say this appears to be the first time a Colorado governor has asked the attorney general’s office to serve as a special prosecutor on a case already decided on by a district attorney

Aurora police officers put on leave over photos tied to Elijah McClain

The two photos were taken near where police stopped the 23-year-old on Aug. 24, 2019, as they responded to a report of a suspicious person walking down the street wearing a face mask

Denver reaches agreement in lawsuit over police response to George Floyd protests

A judge must sign off to finalize the agreement. It is unclear when the agreement could become final.

Fractured skulls, lost eyes: Police often break their own rules when using “rubber bullets”

Denver’s policy says officers should use projectiles only on a “combative or physically resistive person whose conduct rises at least to the level of active aggression." The city also forbids officers from targeting the “head, eyes, throat, neck, breasts of a female, genitalia or spinal column” of a suspect “unless deadly force is warranted.”

Denver school board votes to phase police out of schools

The vote represents a victory for community activists who have pressed the district for more than a decade to remove sworn officers from campus

“It was completely unprovoked”: Protester shot in the face with pepper ball by Denver police demands accountability

The Denver Police Department says they are aware of the incident, captured in a viral video, and are investigating. Darrell Hampton, 27, says he has no idea why he was shot.

Federal judge orders police not to use chemical weapons, projectiles against peaceful Denver protesters

“The Denver Police Department has failed in its duty to police its own,” Judge R. Brooke Jackson wrote in his sweeping ruling

Complaints about police response to Denver’s George Floyd protests under investigation as demonstrations hit day 6

Denver’s independent law enforcement monitor says he is investigating more than 150 complaints. One officer has been fired for an Instagram post in which he said “let’s start a riot.”

Federal prosecutors in Colorado are looking to charge criminal “agitators” at Denver’s George Floyd protests

U.S. Attorney Jason Dunn, Colorado’s top federal prosecutor, says investigators have reason to believe a small number of people are inciting chaos and causing damage. He believes getting them off the street will bring calm.

Police arrest 83 for curfew violations; Denver mayor calls after-dark mayhem “reckless, inexcusable and unacceptable”

Mayor Michael Hancock, who put curfew in place on Saturday, said daytime demonstrations were effective expressions of outrage over death of George Floyd at hands of police.

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