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Opinion: Denver is nickel-and-diming its most vulnerable residents with fees

Coloradans are facing a growing avalanche of new and increased fees that local governments and utilities are using to slowly but surely pick our pockets. Every month these fees chip away especially hard on the working poor and senior citizens on fixed incomes who barely can survive. These fees, along with higher food and gas […]

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Denver wants to start charging for garbage pickup by volume. Residents have questions.

Some of Stacie Gilmore’s northeast Denver constituents may be fans of city plans to turn recycling and composting into a universal weekly proposition, and charge fees for garbage by volume.  But others have some big questions.  Can the city place a lien on homes that don’t pay the monthly fee for a garbage bin, which […]

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Colorado wants to reduce plastic waste. Here are all the ways it’s happening.

Advocates of the mantra of reduce, reuse, recycle are piling up small victories in Colorado with a series of consumer fees and opt-in requirements that now reach into your kitchen junk drawer.  The latest win for the movement is Denver’s “Skip the Stuff” ordinance, requiring consumers to ask for — or affirmatively accept when asked […]