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Opinion: There’s nothing green about dams. The federal infrastructure bill should tear them down

Half our country is suffering from one of the worst droughts and most intense forest fire seasons on record. Climate change has Western states parched and burning, yet a key contributor to this crisis is not getting the attention it deserves: dams and reservoirs.  To make matters worse, a coalition of hydropower and dam interests […]

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Opinion: We’re running out of water. It’s time to overhaul Colorado’s storage system

On the Western Slope, a truly cataclysmic summer is emerging. The next few months look to be the driest in anyone’s memory. At the headwaters of the Colorado River, water scarcity is now creating dire consequences for ranchers and their surrounding rural communities. Poor snowpack and sporadic rain have turned once lush pastures into meadows […]

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Opinion: We’ve destroyed Western watersheds. It’s time for “ecological reparations.”

American culture is reckoning with some of the negative impacts of our history. We are having significant and necessary conversations — and political outcomes — around the history of race in America. Some of those conversations have started to focus on the important concept of reparations. In the past few weeks alone, St. Paul, Nashville, […]

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A new federal grant program allots $10 million for high-hazard dams in Colorado, 25 other states

By David A. Lieb, The Associated Press Built for irrigation in 1884, Smith Reservoir in Colorado no longer can hold as much water as it once did. To keep the dam from leaking, the water level at the suburban Denver reservoir is kept at least 2 feet below the level of the spillway — a […]