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Cynthia Coffman

Cynthia Coffman

52 Catholic priests in Colorado, including iconic Father Woody, abused 212 victims, further investigation finds

A supplemental report on abuse in Colorado's three Catholic dioceses includes allegations against Charles Woodrich, who founded a homeless shelter and was called Denver’s “patron saint of the poor”

Colorado’s Catholic dioceses paid $6.68 million to 73 survivors of priest abuse

Some claims were paid to previously unknown victims. Eight claims were rejected by the Independent Reconciliation and Reparations Program and another eight are pending.

The Colorado attorney general’s review of Elijah McClain’s death is unprecedented. Here’s how it may go.

Experts say this appears to be the first time a Colorado governor has asked the attorney general’s office to serve as a special prosecutor on a case already decided on by a district attorney

Colorado’s former attorney general wanted grand jury investigation of priest abuse scandal — but didn’t get it

Cynthia Coffman explains why the Catholic Church investigation was handled the way it was -- and why she is now calling for legislative change

Nicolais: More Republicans are concluding that equality is a political hill worth dying on

The sacrifice Cynthia Coffman made on behalf of the LGBTQ community should be recognized for the rare political courage it represented

Democrat attorneys general are among Trump’s largest roadblocks. Where does Colorado’s Phil Weiser fit in?

Colorado’s attorney general has already filed or joined eight lawsuits against the Trump administration. Phil Weiser says he is simply trying to protect the state, but some Republican critics argue he’s going too far.

Colorado attorney general joins lawsuit against Trump administration to uphold DACA

There are an estimated 17,000 people living in Colorado with DACA protections

Here is why Colorado didn’t convene a grand jury to investigate priest abuse as Pennsylvania did

Colorado’s attorney general doesn’t have the same broad authority as in other states to convene a grand jury to investigate

Colorado’s Catholic churches will open records to independent investigator in effort to account for alleged sex abuse

Prompted by a Pennsylvania grand jury’s bombshell report last year, the Colorado effort is aimed at giving alleged victims recognition, solace. Former Colorado U.S. Attorney Bob Troyer will lead the review.

Man exonerated in rape case will receive nearly $2 million after Colorado attorney general drops compensation challenge

Clarence Moses-EL spent 28 years in prison after a rape victim said his identity came to her in a dream. Attorney General Phil Weiser says it was a “travesty of justice.”

Colorado lawmakers aim to close loophole that led appeals court to overturn foster parent’s child sex assault conviction

Senon Louis Ramirez’s child sex assault conviction was overturned in September, stoking calls for immediate changes to Colorado’s laws. But the issue has been swirling for years.

Colorado’s new attorney general wants $4.2 million for organizational makeover as part of big shift from his GOP predecessor

Phil Weiser, a Democrat, also said he will remove Colorado from a lawsuit challenging the Obama-era Clean Power Plan

A Colorado law pays people for time they wrongly spent in prison. It’s helped only one person.

Clarence Moses-EL could become the second person paid under the state’s exoneration law

Colorado’s new attorney general plans legal action against Trump administration over health care, citizenship question

Phil Weiser says “there is going to be an ongoing opportunity for us to join a range of lawsuits that are protecting our Colorado way of life (and) our population and standing up for the rule of law.”

Cynthia Coffman once had a bright political future. Here’s what Colorado’s GOP attorney general has to say as she leaves office.

The Colorado Sun interviewed Cynthia Coffman, who is preparing to leave office, about her future, the state of Republican politics and what went wrong in her gubernatorial bid

First-of-its-kind study of Colorado suicides reveals traumatized communities — for reasons that differ across the state

All four counties studied reported a slow economy and lack of jobs as risk factors for suicide

Armstrong: How Colorado Republicans can rebuild

A jury acquitted Clarence Moses-EL of rape after 28 years in prison. But is that enough for him to be repaid for his time behind bars?

Colorado law creates a high burden for winning compensation following a wrongful conviction

How Donald Trump, guns and cash spelled an end to Mike Coffman’s decade in Congress

A candidate deemed “virtually bulletproof” two years ago was undone by President Donald Trump, outside spending and a challenger impervious to attacks

New youth mental health initiative will promote statewide collaboration to prevent teen suicide

Colorado ranks 48th out of 50 states in its mental health services for children

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