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COVID-19 vaccine

COVID-19 vaccine
COVID-19 vaccine

Opinion: Want to persuade people to get vaccinated? Stop trying

An introduction to ‘invitational rhetoric’ and two researchers finding promising results with people who are vaccine hesitant

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Opinion: We work in Colorado’s emergency rooms. We need you to help us end the pandemic

We are exhausted, and our hospitals are overflowing

Opinion Columns

University of Colorado’s health system fires 119 unvaccinated workers

Among those fired, 54 employees were from the Denver region, 33 from northern Colorado and 32 from the southern part of the state


A Colorado town is about as vaccinated as it can get. But it still has COVID.

Shots alone aren’t enough to prevent spread because of porous geographic boundaries and waning vaccine effectiveness against the highly contagious delta variant


Silverman: Bob Enyart was a man with convictions. They cost him his life.

The pastor and conservative talk radio host who spurned vaccines died recently of COVID-19


FDA advisory panel backs COVID-19 booster shots only for seniors, high-risk


Security workers called in to protect Jefferson County mobile coronavirus vaccine clinics

Attackers used a car to knock down signs advertising free shots. Another time someone threw live fireworks into a tent.


Colorado voters split along party lines on mask and vaccine mandates in schools

Parents as a whole were almost evenly split on whether masks should be required in schools, a new poll finds


Unvaccinated staff at the center of federal investigation into rising nursing home deaths in Grand Junction

At one facility in Mesa County, 42% of staff were still not fully vaccinated compared to only about 8% of residents


Littwin: Boebert blasts Biden for sending “Needle Nazis” to knock on Mesa County doors. Problem is, no needles, no Nazis, no Biden.

There will be no fans at the Olympics. France is going to “COVID passports.” Don’t they want to own their libs? America is ahead of the game, but Republicans cheer the news that Biden didn’t reach his 70% vaccine goal.

Opinion Columns

Colorado picks first 5 scholarship winners in vaccine drive

A total of 25 scholarships are being offered by the state, along with a $1 million lottery program for five adults


Coronavirus lockdowns in prisons test limits of Colorado’s rules on solitary confinement

To slow the spread of COVID-19, the Colorado Department of Corrections isolated inmates in single-person cells, sometimes for weeks or months. The state says people should be in solitary for no more than 15 days.

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You didn’t win Colorado’s first coronavirus vaccine sweepstakes drawing. Here’s who did.

A health care worker from Mead was announced Friday as the first $1 million winner of the Colorado Comeback Cash sweepstakes. Four more people will get the prize.


Colorado launches $5M sweepstakes to persuade people to get a COVID vaccine. Here’s how it will work.

Colorado is following in the footsteps of Ohio, where a vaccine drawing helped drive a surge in people getting inoculated against COVID-19