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What to know about vaccine-related heart issues and other insights on the coronavirus vaccine and kids

These are trying times for Colorado’s parents. The coronavirus pandemic still rages for those who are not vaccinated, now driven by the most transmissible form of the virus the state has ever seen. Vaccination rates are ticking up across the state. But vaccines are not available for kids under the age of 12, and, for […]

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The Delta coronavirus variant is exploding across Colorado. That’s bad news for unvaccinated people.

Infections from a dangerous new coronavirus variant are surging across Colorado, causing health officials to amp up the urgency in their messages for people to get vaccinated. The Delta variant, which is believed to have originated in India and is also known as the B.1.617.2 variant, was first identified in Colorado in late April. By […]

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Littwin: Biden is sending a half-billion vaccine doses to desperate countries around the world, but can’t give them away at home

For those of you fully vaccinated, please join me in a little experiment. It won’t take long. Take a fork or a set of keys or, I don’t know, maybe your kid’s Mechagodzilla and stick it to your forehead. Or a spare cheek. Or maybe your pinky finger. If the piece of metal falls off, […]

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Cases of coronavirus variant from India nearly tripled in less than a week in Mesa County

GRAND JUNCTION — Health officials in Colorado have reported the number of infections from the COVID-19 variant from India nearly tripled in less than a week in Mesa County, the only county in the state with reported variant cases. Mesa County Public Health Director Jeff Kuhr told county commissioners on Monday that the county, which […]

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Coronavirus variants aren’t new to Colorado – the virus has been changing since before it arrived here

Late in 2019, likely somewhere in the Chinese city of Wuhan, what would come to be called the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infected its first human being — and began replicating. By the time the year was out, the genetic family tree of that original virus’ descendants had already split into two branches. Once settled into Europe, […]

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Cases of the B.1.1.7. coronavirus variant continue to rise in Colorado – but aren’t cause for concern, yet

The new coronavirus variant first identified in the United Kingdom has firmly taken root in Colorado, with the state reporting 41 cases so far. But one of Colorado’s top health officials said Wednesday that there is not yet cause for alarm in the spread of the variant, as overall COVID-19 cases in the state continue […]