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Colorado Water Conservation Board

Colorado Water Conservation Board

Opinion: Colorado’s intensifying drought conditions call for urgent collaboration

Colorado activates municipal drought response for second time ever as water forecast worsens

Several cities say they are preparing for what is almost certainly going to be a dangerously dry 2021

Opinion: Protecting rivers is key to preparing Colorado for wildfires

Scouring soil, sowing seeds and spending millions for wildfire recovery in Glenwood Canyon

Glenwood Springs is spending more than $10 million on repairs and upgrades to water supply infrastructure following Grizzly Creek Fire.

As pandemic hammers its finances, Vail pulls out of state cloud seeding program

Vail Resorts says it can't afford to cover 20% of the $1.5M Colorado spends to trigger more snow and ultimately more water.

These hay fields may know something we don’t: How to save the Colorado River

Ranchers in northwest Colorado are experimenting with hay species that may allow them to irrigate less and leave more water in the Upper Colorado River.

A Colorado dashboard seeks to put a price on future wildfires, other natural disasters amid a warming climate

FACE:Hazards offers a look into how much Colorado might have to fork out to respond to future natural hazards, and how communities could work now to avoid going broke later

One-third of Colorado is now in a severe drought, mostly in the south

58 out of 64 counties are experiencing drier than normal conditions and that could mean wildfire trouble and result in crop losses

Extreme drought conditions, coronavirus have Colorado wildfire managers anxious

At least 76% of Colorado now is experiencing drought conditions, compared with 16% this time last year. That, combined with worries about the spread of COVID-19, has firefighters worried wildfire response will be tapped.

Water is Colorado’s most critical resource. So why isn’t it central to every local land-use decision?

A new bill in Colorado's capitol aims to better align local land-use planning with water conservation efforts laid out in the Colorado Water Plan. But is it enough?

Agriculture is part of the climate change problem. Colorado wants farmers’ soil to be part of the solution.

With more statewide support, farmers and ranchers hope to boost the health of Colorado's agricultural lands and conserve water while also meeting business goals.

Here’s what you need to know about Colorado’s water plan before voting on Proposition DD

The spending needed to boost Colorado’s water resources won’t get fully addressed by the 2019 ballot question, but supporters say it’s a start

Fish ladders and boat chutes part of a massive dam rebuild on the Arkansas River

In the process of rebuilding a diversion to get river water to thirsty cities, Colorado Springs and Aurora collaborated with wildlife, environmental and recreational interests for ambitious infrastructure upgrade

Even after a rush of snow and rain, the thirsty Colorado River Basin is “not out of the woods yet”

It will take as many as 13 water years exactly like this one to erase the impacts of long-term drought in the West, Colorado River District engineers say

Opinion: Colorado rivers and water security — worth the investment

Opinion: New oil and gas bill puts Colorado water at risk

Arizona lawmakers under pressure to approve seven-state Colorado River drought plan before federal deadline

After years of work, the West is “tantalizingly close” to shoring up water supplies in Lake Powell, Lake Mead

Amid drought, a changing climate and population growth, can Colorado’s unique water law system survive?

A Q&A with former Colorado Supreme Court Justice Gregory Hobbs, one of the state’s top water experts