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Colorado treasurer’s office

Colorado treasurer’s office

Amid budget crunch, Colorado nets much-needed windfall for road projects with strong debt sale

The market for bond-like debt has shrugged off the pandemic crisis, allowing the Colorado transportation agency to avoid draconian budget cuts

To balance budget, Colorado lawmakers add to PERA’s long-term debt and backtrack from landmark deal

The Joint Budget Committee eliminated a $225 million payment from the state to the pension in the next fiscal year

More than 40% of Coloradans don’t have a retirement plan at work. The state seeks to change that.

The state-facilitated plan aims to better prepare adults for retirement plus offset future costs to care for an aging population. But extra steps have some employers decrying yet another mandate on business.

Nicolais: Let’s thank the anonymous public servants who work with quiet dignity

The public impeachment hearings highlighted several exceptional career public servants, something Colorado has in spades

Low pay. Cuts to PERA. For some state workers in Colorado, it’s like the recession never ended.

For Colorado government workers, recent pay hikes are negated by rising pension contributions, and vacant positions are becoming harder to fill

Get to know Brian Watson, the Republican candidate for Colorado treasurer

Brian Watson founded Northstar Commercial Partners, a commercial real estate firm in Denver that has assets across the country

Get to know Dave Young, the Democrat candidate for Colorado treasurer

State Rep. Dave Young served on the legislature’s powerful Joint Budget Committee. Before entering politics, he was a high school math and technology teacher.

Brian Watson’s financial history resurfaces as he runs for Colorado treasurer. The Republican says “I’m thankful for those lessons.”

Democratic state Rep. Dave Young says Brian Watson can’t be trusted with the state’s money because of his financial past. But Watson says his opponents are doing everything they can -- and trying to rehash problems from years ago -- to attack him.