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Colorado laws

Colorado laws
Colorado laws

Colorado governor signs sweeping police accountability bill into law. Here’s how it will change law enforcement.

Gov. Jared Polis signed Senate Bill 217 at a ceremony at the state Capitol on Friday, calling it a landmark piece of legislation that speaks to a national moment of reckoning

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Colorado wants to ensure teachers know how to teach reading. But some say proposed rules lack teeth and transparency.

Critics say that kind of case-by-case internal review leaves the public in the dark about what gets the state’s stamp of approval and what doesn’t


A Snapchat video of a 13-year-old boy’s suicide roiled a Colorado town — and left police chasing social media ghosts

Multiple middle-schoolers in the small community of Dacono reported watching a video of Von Mercado's death — that then vanished from their phones — frustrating officials and leading to a new state law.


Opinion: Justice comes in many forms. Here’s how wrongs can be turned into good policy and laws.

Opinion Columns

Centura Health sets off national challenge to aid-in-dying laws after firing a Colorado doctor

A growing number of state aid-in-dying provisions are coming into conflict with faith-based hospitals, which oppose the practice on religious grounds


The good, the bad and the complicated: How Colorado’s electric vehicle laws changed this session

ICEholes now can be fined for parking in EV charging spots, but the death of a direct-to-consumer sales bill may keep electric truck maker Rivian from opening its first-ever store in Colorado


Colorado lawmakers want to eliminate spending caps. Here’s how the TABOR overhaul would work.

Any additional revenue would go toward K-12 schools, transportation and higher education in Colorado

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Colorado lawmakers aim to close loophole that led appeals court to overturn foster parent’s child sex assault conviction

Senon Louis Ramirez’s child sex assault conviction was overturned in September, stoking calls for immediate changes to Colorado’s laws. But the issue has been swirling for years.

Politics and Government

Another push for Colorado blockchain law has more than token support

How a failed bill led to a collaboration between local politicians, state regulators and blockchain startups to figure out whether Colorado even needs any new laws


Colorado grocery, convenience stores are now selling full-strength beer

Grocery store chains were previously able to operate a liquor shop at just one of their locations in the state. Now, they can own up to five licenses.