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Colorado Department of Natural Resources

Colorado Department of Natural Resources
Colorado Department of Natural Resources

Colorado Parks & Wildlife director suspended after alleged “back of the bus” comment about Black employee  

Department of Natural Resources puts Dan Prenzlow on paid leave while investigating comments at a Vail conference where the employee said she was traumatized by racism.


Opinion: I’m a state environment-protection employee. Our workload is not sustainable.

The governor’s proposed state budget includes needed investment. Lawmakers should approve it


Colorado gets $10 million to fight coal seam fires like those burning at Marshall Mesa and Glenwood Springs

Federal infrastructure funds will more than triple the annual coal mine cleanup budget and pay for true extinguishing of decades-long fires after years of frustration


Colorado’s 2020-21 avalanche season was tied for the deadliest. It’s helping forecasters hone warnings and outreach.

Avalanches killed 37 backcountry travelers in the U.S. last winter, including 12 in Colorado. Analysis of each tragedy helps avalanche scientists craft warnings to reach more skiers and snowmobilers.


Polis administration pushing green agenda, but isn’t objecting to coal mine royalty cuts worth millions

Despite stated federal and state policy to phase out the dirty fossil fuel across the economy, all of Colorado’s coal mines got lucrative 2020 royalty breaks, costing local and national governments big money.


Watering restrictions work. But only 53% of Colorado cities have them.

Outdoor use accounts for as much as half of all domestic water consumption and cities that tightened the spigot have significantly reduced per-person use. But permanent watering rules are just one conservation tool.


Two popular Colorado waterways are shut down amid raging currents, large number of rescues

Officials across Colorado are restricting access to rivers along the Front Range as high flows, low temperatures and debris make it unsafe for rafters, tubers and kayakers — especially those unaware of the rivers’ strength.


Colorado Parks and Wildlife opens up nearly 200,000 acres for hunting, fishing access on school trust lands

Colorado now can use nearly 1 million more acres of the school lands for hunting, fishing and floating after three years of expanding access, though some want lower fees for hikers.


All state parks in Colorado will get electric vehicle charging stations in deal with EV maker Rivian

Rivian will install the stations at each of Colorado’s 42 state parks at no charge, as state officials move to expand electric grid needed for changeover from gas to electric cars


Is Colorado leading or lagging on climate policy? It depends on which states you’re comparing us to.

On the one hand, the state has adopted some of the most ambitious climate laws in the county; on the other, critics say Gov. Jared Polis’ administration has failed to use the laws to their fullest.


Colorado now owns Fishers Peak, but funds to build the newest state park are in coronavirus limbo

In a deal that closed in a Broomfield park, Colorado took title to the ranch that will be the newest state park. Developing it, however, will take some financing creativity as budgets are slashed under pandemic pressures.


Colorado’s volunteer search and rescue teams are overwhelmed and there are fears it’s going to get worse

The state’s 2,800 rescue volunteers -- a shrinking pool -- respond to 3,600 calls for help each year. Colorado’s natural resources boss said that’s “a train wreck happening before our eyes” and wants the legislature to help.


The Western Slope’s outdoor recreation economy had everything but a bachelor’s degree. Colorado Mesa is changing that.

Bonsai Designs boss Sarah Shrader sparked development of a new outdoor recreation industry studies program to help create the next generation of business leaders.


Jared Polis doesn’t live at the governor’s mansion, but his top advisers get to stay rent-free

The private living areas at the residence still need $550,000 in renovations to upgrade them to modern standards for the first family, report says

Politics and Government

Trump’s “energy dominance” push changing plans for 3 million acres of Colorado land, local stewards say

State and local agencies -- and more recently, Gov. Jared Polis -- prioritized conservation during years of public input and discussion. Now those objectives are in jeopardy.


“Flood buddies” and sandbags: Southern Colorado readies for rain after last summer’s massive fire

2018 was the second worst year for wildfire on record in Colorado, adding 475,803 acres statewide to burn scars at risk for destructive post-fire flooding. Even a quarter-inch of rain could spell disaster.


Colorado, desperate for snow, explores new takes on the old idea of cloud seeding

The state, prompted by new research, looks to the skies as part of a multi-part plan to boost snowpack