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Colorado Department of Higher Education

Colorado Department of Higher Education

Colorado colleges want to offer more in-person classes this spring. Here’s what they learned from a tough fall.

Some schools have been more successful than others in adapting to the coronavirus pandemic

Enrollment usually rises at community colleges during an economic downturn. That’s not the case during coronavirus.

Fall enrollment among Colorado community colleges is down 22% at a time those schools have become more reliant on tuition

Thousands of Colorado workers already earn college credit for their time on the job. But even thousands more could.

While some Colorado higher education institutions grant students credit for their work experience, lawmakers want to formalize the process across schools statewide.

Thousands of teachers applied to Colorado’s new educator loan forgiveness program. But only 100 spots are available.

The Colorado Department of Higher Education is granting loan forgiveness of up to $5,000 each year for five years. Will that draw more people into rural classrooms and help the state overcome its teacher shortage?

Opinion: Let’s help college graduates get on their feet so Colorado can retain top talent

CU chancellor: Colorado needs more funding for college diversity

Textbook costs can bust college students’ budgets. Colorado professors are turning the page with free resources.

The rise of open educational resources at Colorado college campuses has helped shave costs for students. Red Rocks Community College is leading the pack, developing degree paths that require few textbooks.

Republicans put education atop their priority list at the Capitol. We look at 8 of their ideas.

Republican lawmakers unveiled an education agenda that covers school safety, teacher pay, access to higher education and more. Will they be able to garner support from across the aisle?

35% of Colorado high schoolers are earning college credit as they study for their diplomas

Concurrent enrollment saves students from 173 Colorado school districts time and money -- and is helping to close the racial education gap.

Colorado wants to steer more students toward college by driving down higher education costs beyond tuition

Close to half of Colorado’s adult population hasn’t pursued education beyond high school at a time when the majority of jobs demand certificates or degrees

A new Colorado report tries to show what higher education is worth. The value is clearer for some degrees than others.

Colorado students, especially would-be teachers, are making cost-benefit choices of their own and switching to more lucrative programs

Teachers living in campers: How rural Colorado districts are coping with growing teacher shortage

High turnover, pay below cost-of-living has rural districts hiring from restaurants, coaxing retirees back into the classroom and scouting overseas to fill positions

Colorado pits big colleges against small campuses in a “zero-sum game.” Gov. Polis wants a truce.

The state ranks 47th in the nation for higher education spending, but a funding overhaul is not an easy request