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Silverman: In Colorado men also have the right to not have children, even after conception

One day before women’s reproductive rights diminished in America, Colorado’s appellate court expanded reproductive rights of men. Centennial State males possess cognizable rights to not have children, even after conception, according to the ruling In re: Marriage of Olsen.  Mr. and Mrs. Olsen utilized in-vitro fertilization to have children. When they divorced, leftover Olsen frozen […]

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Colorado Supreme Court declines to hear case challenging ski areas’ use of waivers to avoid lawsuits

The Colorado Supreme Court will not consider a case that questions ski areas’ use of waivers to protect themselves from lawsuits filed by injured skiers. Attorneys fighting for skier safety fear the end of legal challenges to now-ubiquitous resort liability waivers may mean the death of the venerable Ski Safety Act. The state’s highest court […]

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Billionaire Phil Anschutz appeals dismissal of his lawsuit seeking $8 million Colorado tax refund

Colorado billionaire Phil Anschutz and his wife, Nancy, want a state appeals court to revive their lawsuit seeking a nearly $8 million tax refund. Phil Anschutz, who controls a vast business empire, has an estimated net worth of more than $10 billion. The Anschutzes argue that changes to federal tax law made through the CARES […]

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Colorado Supreme Court ends decade-long fight over teen skier’s death in Vail inbounds avalanche

The Colorado Supreme Court has denied an appeal by the family of a 13-year-old skier killed in an inbounds avalanche in 2012 at Vail ski area. The court’s denial to hear the case effectively ends a nearly 10-year fight by the parents of Taft Conlin. Louise Ingalls and Steve Conlin argued that Vail ski area […]

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Denver asks federal appeals court to stop ruling on homeless sweeps

The city of Denver is asking a federal appeals court to block a judge’s ruling that requires officials to give seven days’ notice before clearing illegal homeless encampments. Lawyers for the city made the request to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Tuesday and also filed notice that they will appeal Monday’s ruling by U.S. […]

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Colorado appeals court agrees that ski pass waivers protect resorts from liability in chairlift injuries

A Colorado Court of Appeals panel last week delivered the first state appellate decision affirming the use of waivers to protect ski resorts from lawsuits filed by injured skiers.  Charlotte Redden, who was struck by a chairlift at Loveland ski area in 2017, plans to appeal the decision to the state Supreme Court. A decision […]

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Colorado Lottery doesn’t have to pay jackpot winner full prize — even if the others he shared it with cheated, court rules

Colorado does not have to pay a Boulder man the full $4.8 million Colorado Lottery jackpot prize he won back in 2005, even though the two others he split the winnings with were later found to have cheated as part of a scheme to defraud lotteries in multiple states. That was the ruling handed down […]

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Colorado lawmakers aim to close loophole that led appeals court to overturn foster parent’s child sex assault conviction

The following story contains graphic details from a child sexual assault case that could be objectionable to some readers. When Senon Louis Ramirez’s conviction for sexually assaulting one of his foster children was overturned last year because of a loophole in Colorado law, there was outrage over how such a gap could exist. But the […]

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The 38-year war over access to a San Luis Valley ranch, called Cielo Vista, could be nearing its end

The longest running civil litigation in Colorado could be ending as the owner of an historic San Luis Valley ranch has promised to end his legal battle to limit access to his property by the heirs to an 1844 land grant. William Harrison, who acquired the 83,000-acre Cielo Vista Ranch in 2017 after it was […]