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Colorado attorney general

Colorado attorney general

Colorado spearheads 35-state lawsuit accusing Google of operating a search-engine monopoly

Attorney General Phil Weiser is employing his experience in antitrust cases. This is the second major lawsuit announced this month that Weiser is helping lead against a tech company.

52 Catholic priests in Colorado, including iconic Father Woody, abused 212 victims, further investigation finds

A supplemental report on abuse in Colorado's three Catholic dioceses includes allegations against Charles Woodrich, who founded a homeless shelter and was called Denver’s “patron saint of the poor”

Colorado attorney general asks for federal investigation into Frontier Airlines’ coronavirus flight-change policies

The request comes as the U.S. airline industry is reeling from the economic effects of the coronavirus crisis. Hundreds of jobs are at risk in Denver.

Colorado joins multi-state lawsuit against the U.S. Postal Service

The lawsuit was filed in Washington state, whose attorney general is leading the legal action

Colorado attorney general opens investigation into “patterns and practices” of Aurora Police Department

The attorney general can investigate Aurora police under authority recently granted by the passage of Senate Bill 217

Colorado attorney general sues Juul, claims vape company marketed to kids and downplayed health risks

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser has been investigating Juul for about a year. His office worked with state health officials and a Denver-area school district on the probe.

Jonathan Sackler, co-owner of Purdue Pharma and target of Colorado lawsuit, dies

Colorado is among the states that named Jonathan Sackler in its lawsuit seeking damages for Purdue's alleged role in the state's opioid crisis.

The Colorado attorney general’s review of Elijah McClain’s death is unprecedented. Here’s how it may go.

Experts say this appears to be the first time a Colorado governor has asked the attorney general’s office to serve as a special prosecutor on a case already decided on by a district attorney

“Brutal” and “nasty” only begin to describe the GOP battles in Weld County ahead of the primary

Anonymous attacks, false accusations and big money groups target legislative, county commission races in this deep-red county

What it looked like as Colorado’s attorney general argued before the U.S. Supreme Court by conference call

Democrat Phil Weiser argued in a case that could affect the way the U.S. elects presidents

U.S. Supreme Court to hold May arguments — including in Colorado’s “faithless electors” case — by teleconference

The court will hear 10 cases in all between May 4 and May 13

A decade into the opioid crisis, Colorado hospitals have changed the way they treat opioid-exposed babies. And it’s helping.

Colorado newborns are now less likely to get methadone and more likely to room with their moms

A Denver priest — his dad’s best friend — raped him. The state’s Catholic Church abuse report revealed the secret.

Neil Elms says he was repeatedly sexually assaulted by Lawrence St. Peter, a Colorado priest who rose to high ranks in the Denver Archdiocese. St. Peter wasn’t removed from clergy despite “numerous, reliable, consistent reports” he was abusing boys.

Colorado’s Catholic priest abuse reparations program received 78 claims, has already paid out over $1M

The deadline to file claims with the reparations program, created voluntarily by Colorado’s three dioceses, was Friday. There are still more than 60 claims to sort through.

Nicolais: Let’s thank the anonymous public servants who work with quiet dignity

The public impeachment hearings highlighted several exceptional career public servants, something Colorado has in spades

Colorado attorney general announces alliance to address hate crimes

The announcement came less than a week after an annual FBI report showed there were 123 hate crimes reported in Colorado in 2018, a 16% increase over the previous year

Colorado Supreme Court weighs legality of state’s 15-round limit on gun magazines

The magazine-limit law was passed in 2013, a year after the Aurora theater shooting

Colorado’s former attorney general wanted grand jury investigation of priest abuse scandal — but didn’t get it

Cynthia Coffman explains why the Catholic Church investigation was handled the way it was -- and why she is now calling for legislative change

At least 166 children have been sexually abused by Catholic priests in Colorado since 1950, new report finds

It took Colorado’s three dioceses an average of nearly 20 years to concretely restrict an abusive priest’s authority after receiving an abuse allegation against him, according to the investigation

For months Colorado has quietly been in talks for another multibillion-dollar opioid settlement

Colorado is part of a $48 billion national opioid settlement framework between state and local governments and pharmaceutical companies Cardinal Health, McKesson, AmerisourceBergen, Johnson & Johnson and Teva

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