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Their family ran the Denver-owned Echo Lake Lodge on Mount Evans for decades. The city’s new plan does not include them.

MOUNT EVANS — The T-shirts and hoodies are stacked deep on the tables of the 95-year-old restaurant. Bill Carle estimates he’s spent about $300,000 on the Mount Evans souvenirs for the Echo Lake Lodge his family has operated for 57 years.  He spent that before Denver officials told Carle the city would not be renewing […]

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Aurora may ban sprawling lawns, new golf courses to save water. Other Denver-area cities could follow.

The climate-conscious, first-in-Colorado edicts proposed by the City of Aurora are clear: No new golf courses flooding grass with precious water. No grass in medians or decorative spots near offices. No home lawns sprawling out front and back — turf in backyards would max out at 750 square feet. But get ready, metropolitan water users […]

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Colorado wants to reduce plastic waste. Here are all the ways it’s happening.

Advocates of the mantra of reduce, reuse, recycle are piling up small victories in Colorado with a series of consumer fees and opt-in requirements that now reach into your kitchen junk drawer.  The latest win for the movement is Denver’s “Skip the Stuff” ordinance, requiring consumers to ask for — or affirmatively accept when asked […]

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Denver’s program to house people who were homeless was so successful, the federal government is offering millions more to expand it

Five years ago, Denver made a list of people most often involved with jail, detox centers and emergency rooms — and then offered them housing.  The program was so successful at keeping people in stable housing and out of jail, that the U.S. Treasury Department has offered the city more than $6 million in new […]

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Denver voters passed a green roof law in 2017. Years later, the gardens have yet to sprout.

Jennifer Bousselot is nearly giddy about how her daily life as a Colorado State University horticulturist will change sometime in 2022, when rooftop green space in north Denver is finally at her disposal.  Bousselot has helped design some of the most alluring features of CSU’s nearly-finished Spur campus at the National Western Center: rooftop greenhouses; […]

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The “building electrification” movement is coming for your Colorado home. Here’s what you need to know before giving up gas.

They are indeed coming for your gas stove.  And your trusty 40-gallon tank of hot water sitting atop a natural-gas bonfire.  And the belching, fuel-burning furnace in the basement that makes a Colorado winter survivable.  Home and office building electrification — switching out gas or propane appliances for electric versions powered eventually by 100% renewable […]

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Denver’s unique sales tax to fight climate change could be a blueprint for future action nationwide

Ballot measure 2A is part of Denver’s efforts to cut its greenhouse gas emissions in the city, but some are concerned about regressive nature of the tax Denver voters this year could give the city a unique tool for fighting climate change that is unlike strategies pursued by other U.S. cities. Across the nation, local […]