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Silverman: In Colorado men also have the right to not have children, even after conception

One day before women’s reproductive rights diminished in America, Colorado’s appellate court expanded reproductive rights of men. Centennial State males possess cognizable rights to not have children, even after conception, according to the ruling In re: Marriage of Olsen.  Mr. and Mrs. Olsen utilized in-vitro fertilization to have children. When they divorced, leftover Olsen frozen […]

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Silverman: Gun violence leaves us all hostages to fate. Some now worry about having kids.

There is no perfect moment to be a parent, but modern times pose new problems. Amid the contagions of firearms and COVID, with massive inflation and limited affordable housing, this is a daunting year to start a family. America has faced other tough times. With World War II looming, U.S. Ambassador Joseph Kennedy reportedly said: […]

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Colorado lawmakers want to spell it out: It’s perfectly legal for kids to play outside or walk to school alone

Brinley Sheffield and her mom had run the route several times together and tracked the mileage — two trips around their neighborhood block made a mile.  So when the 7-year-old who wanted to become a faster runner set off on her first solo run, her parents had no concern that she would get lost. Besides, […]

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What exactly is Colorado’s new early childhood department? We’ve got answers.

Colorado’s new state early childhood agency aims to ease the burden facing families and child care providers by shifting it onto the shoulders of government. That vision is a key part of the state’s recently released draft plan for the new agency, which will launch in July, just over a year after it was proposed by a group […]