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Cargill Meat

Cargill Meat
Cargill Meat

Key gaps between Black, Latino and white Coloradans have narrowed, but equity is “a dream unrealized”  


Workers at Greeley meatpacking plant where 500 were sickened by coronavirus will be vaccinated

The major meatpacking companies — JBS, Cargill, Tyson Foods and Smithfield Foods — say a number of states plan to begin vaccinating meat plant workers this week, including in Iowa, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, North Carolina, Missouri, Kentucky and Michigan.


A Salvadoran immigrant worked at a Fort Morgan slaughterhouse for 24 years. Coronavirus killed him in 10 days.

Juan Marin loved his life on Colorado’s Eastern Plains, where he worked alongside his two adult children. But he feared contracting COVID-19 at his job.


Counties fear being left behind as Colorado begins granting variances to its coronavirus safer-at-home order

Eager to help businesses survive and salvage their tattered economies, about half of Colorado’s counties have applied to ease their COVID-19 restrictions and allow for things like in-person dining at restaurants. Most have not been approved.


Even with beef plants staying open, reduced capacity means Colorado ranchers feel the coronavirus pinch

Ranchers only have about a two-week window to get their cattle to slaughter before they start losing money and quality. Even a slight disruption in the supply chain can throw everything off -- and already is.


Meatpackers welcome Trump’s order that they stay open while others — including Colorado’s governor — question the coronavirus risks

There have been outbreaks of the coronavirus at a number of Colorado meat facilities


Stopping coronavirus is a huge challenge at crowded U.S. meat plants, including in Colorado

At least four meatpacking plants in Colorado have seen outbreaks of the new coronavirus


South Korea, home of Hanwoo and bulgogi, is now largest importer of Colorado beef

The trade war with China had little to do with South Korea’s rise but future trade could impact Colorado’s beef industry


Cargill Meat, union reach $1.7M settlement with 138 Muslim workers at Fort Morgan plant over prayer accommodations

The workers lost their jobs after a dispute about short breaks to allow them to perform obligatory prayers

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