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A car wreck claimed one of 15-year-old gymnast Jessica Womble’s legs — but not a bit of her competitive spirit

RIFLE — The faded motivational message painted on the gymnasium wall reads: “Risk: It’s impossible to get up if we never learn to fall.” Jessica Womble’s leg swings between her metal crutches as she passes before the words without notice. She is focused on getting to the uneven bars with her teammates for her first […]

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Texas man accused in fiery I-70 tractor-trailer crash told authorities his brakes had failed; four killed are identified

GOLDEN — A speeding semitrailer whose driver appeared to one witness to be “wide eyed” and “terrified” passed a truck ramp before plowing into other vehicles on a crowded highway near Denver, killing four people and injuring at least six others, according to court documents released Saturday. The truck driver, 23-year-old Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos, of […]

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4 killed in fiery I-70 crash in west Lakewood; driver of tractor-trailer that caused wreck arrested, facing vehicular homicide charges

Four people are dead after a flat-bed tractor-trailer loaded with lumber barreled down from the foothills and slammed into rush-hour traffic stalled on Interstate 70 in west Lakewood on Thursday afternoon, carving a fiery path of carnage near Colorado Mills. The truck driver, Rogel Lazaro Aguilera, has been arrested and is facing multiple charges of […]

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Snow tires, chains or AWD are required on I-70 when it’s snowy. But motorists could soon need them all winter long

Motorists are breaking the law if they try to traverse snow-covered mountain roads in Colorado in two-wheel drive vehicles without specialized tires, chains or other grip-control devices. But now a bill that’s nearing passage in the state legislature would make Colorado’s traction statute a snow-or-shine, all-winter-long policy on Interstate 70, mandating that from September through […]