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Colorado gets C+ grade for medical cannabis access, report says

Despite being one of the first states in the U.S. to legalize medical marijuana, Colorado gets a C+ when it comes to ensuring patient access to the drug, a national medical cannabis advocacy group said in a new assessment.  Americans for Safe Access said it downgraded Colorado this year because of a new law that […]

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Colorado employers would no longer be able to fire their workers for using cannabis if a new bill passes

Colorado employers would be prohibited from denying employment to or firing workers because of their off-the-clock cannabis use – either medical or recreational – under a measure introduced last week at the statehouse. House Bill 1152 would also require employers to let their workers consume medical marijuana while on the job. The legislation would include […]

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Colorado aimed to crack down on youth access to cannabis concentrates. Doctors say their jobs are being threatened instead.

A new Colorado law aimed at keeping young people from buying and reselling highly potent THC concentrate has sparked concerns from doctors who recommend medical cannabis about how the new provisions could jeopardize their ability to practice medicine.  The law, which has some doctors saying they have stopped working with medical cannabis patients altogether, requires […]

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Opinion: Some doctors might not consider marijuana to be medicine, but Coloradans do

In the nine years since Colorado became the first state in the country to legalize adult-use marijuana, three things have become clear: the vast majority of Coloradans support legalization and consider cannabis as medicine (Opinion: After 20 years, it’s clear that marijuana is not ‘medicine’, Colorado Sun, Jan. 4). They also believe kids should not […]

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Proposition 119, which would have raised Colorado marijuana taxes to pay for out-of-school learning, fails

Colorado voters on Tuesday rejected a proposal to increase taxes on recreational marijuana to pay for out-of-school support services for students like tutoring and therapy. Supporters of Proposition 119 admitted defeat at about 8:30 p.m. With more than a million ballots counted at 10 p.m., the measure was failing with 54% rejecting the initiative and […]

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Proposition 119: Colorado voters will decide whether to raise marijuana taxes to pay for out-of-school learning

Colorado voters will decide next month whether to raise taxes on recreational marijuana to help fund a new state program aimed at providing Colorado students with out-of-school learning opportunities. The program, called Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress, or LEAP, would pay service providers, like private tutoring companies or even public school teachers looking for extra […]

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Weed helped turn him into an ultrarunner — and he’s far from the only one

Denver writer Josiah Hesse was hungry for a new addiction when he picked up some running shoes and threw himself into the sport. He’d heard about the coveted runner’s high — and how health-conscious adults were willing to sacrifice sleep to experience it — and he wanted a taste for himself. He was instantly disappointed. […]

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Colorado launches Cannabis Business Office to promote social equity

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has announced the creation of a Cannabis Business Office to promote social equity, provide financial and technical assistance to entrepreneurs and create jobs in the state’s $2.2 billion marijuana industry. The office was authorized by legislation passed during the Legislature’s 2021 session that provides an initial $4 million from the state’s marijuana cash […]

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Colorado just released a big report on how cannabis legalization is going. Here’s what it found.

More than seven years since Colorado became the first state to allow cannabis to be sold at stores for recreational use, pot arrests are down, marijuana-impaired driving cases are up and school expulsions are both up and down. Those numbers — and a whole lot more — come from a new report released Monday by […]

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Leading U.S. Senate Democrats are pushing for federal marijuana legalization. A Colorado-led cannabis banking bill could be collateral.

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Senate’s top Democrat is backing a bill that would strike down a longstanding federal prohibition on marijuana, embracing a proposal that has slim chance of becoming law yet demonstrates growing public support for decriminalizing the drug. But a Colorado-led effort to give the legal cannabis industry access to banking could be placed in […]