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Opinion: The Oscars took the collective breath away from people with disabilities. And not in a good way.

Perhaps you caught the Academy Awards on a Sunday last month, when glass ceilings crumbled amidst necessary and deserved representation of diverse artists. Nine of 20 acting nominees were BIPOC performers. The first female of color won an Oscar for directing. The first Black stylists won for best makeup and hairstyling. It’s no endpoint, but […]

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The first two efforts to defund police in Colorado quickly failed. Will a push at CU be the first to succeed?

Massive protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death led to legislation to curb police brutality in Colorado. But two high-profile efforts to “defund” or reshape police departments and security forces have failed.  The Denver City Council and the board overseeing the Regional Transportation District this month rejected reappropriating law enforcement dollars to mental health […]

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Shifting cultural winds amplify calls to rename Colorado’s peaks, valleys and creeks

The statues are falling. The old guard is rapidly fading. And the names, they are a-changin’. As centuries of embedded discrimination erupt in sea-to-plain calls for change, an atlas of geographic locations has appeared in the crosshairs. In Colorado, a host of peaks, valleys, creeks and mesas are poised for renaming as Gov. Jared Polis […]

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It’s not just Colorado’s mountains: Outdoor industry brands, climbing routes also targeted for name changes

The shifting consciousness behind the renaming of peaks is spreading into marketing and other aspects of the outdoor culture.   “It’s interesting, when we hear people talk about the stories of the land they never are telling the original story of the land,” said Renee Hutchens, a Denver mountain biker of Navajo descent who recently started […]