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Inside the boots-in-the-water effort to preserve and restore Colorado’s iconic greenback cutthroat trout

On a sunny morning just west of Colorado Springs, Cory Noble slowly makes his way upstream in Bear Creek, sloshing through the shallow flow beneath towering pines and bending back tangles of low brush heavy with the drenching residue of the previous night’s rain. He’s looking for greenback cutthroat trout — a species more than […]

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What’s killing Mount Evans’ mountain goats? A research team is collecting their poop to solve the mystery.

MOUNT EVANS — Lance Carpenter is standing on a lichen-covered boulder somewhere around 13,000 feet, his binoculars zeroed in on the target: the backside of a mountain goat kid. The goat is about 20 yards away, grazing alpine forbs alongside its nanny. Carpenter is keeping up a conversation, but his eyes are on the kid’s […]

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First efforts to revive populations of Colorado’s state fish seemed fruitless. Then the greenback cutthroat trout surprised everyone — again.

HERMAN GULCH — It has been a long road — or river — to recovery for Colorado’s state fish, the greenback cutthroat trout. First, the species was considered extinct. Then it was rediscovered, reproduced and reintroduced to waterways across the state for decades, only for scientists to learn through genetic testing in 2012 that they […]