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As Aurora passes camping ban, some say enforcement money would be better spent on affordable housing

The Aurora City Council passed Mayor Mike Coffman’s urban camping ban, which could take effect as soon as April 28. The unauthorized-camping ordinance passed in a 6-5 vote. The ban will prohibit camping on public property in Aurora. Supporters of the measure have said it is inhumane to allow people who are homeless to live […]

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Partisanship, outside spending dominated some local Colorado elections this year

School board and municipal elections in Colorado are nonpartisan — but that’s really in name only.  While candidates may not be identified as Republicans or Democrats on the ballot, there is plenty of partisan spending and support happening behind the scenes. That was especially true this year, when conservatives spent heavily to win municipal contests […]

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Wilson: Here’s Colorado’s most important upcoming battle over redistricting

Years ago, I sat in on a chess game at Brother Jeff’s Cultural Center, and overheard  an elder explaining how politicians can choose their own voters. All they had to do was change the boundaries of a district.   “Gerrymandering,” he called it. “How undemocratic,” I thought.  They can just draw the lines that make up our […]

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Aurora Police Department to get independent monitor following Elijah McClain’s death

Aurora city leaders will create an independent police monitor in the wake of a scathing independent report released Monday on the Aurora Police Department’s actions before and after Elijah McClain’s death. City Manager Jim Twombly announced the effort in a news conference Tuesday. He called the department’s handling of McClain’s death “the failure of a […]

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17,774 Aurora voters got a ballot instructing them to choose one at-large City Council candidate. They are supposed to be picking two.

Adams County elections officials sent ballots to thousands of Aurora voters asking them to choose just one of six at-large candidates for City Council. But voters are actually supposed to be picking two.  Aurora City Clerk Stephen Ruge confirmed the error to The Colorado Sun on Wednesday morning and said he was working with Adams […]