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In the wake of anti-Asian violence, Colorado congressmen push Amache’s designation as National Historic Site

A bill introduced by Reps. Joe Neguse and Ken Buck would bring federal resources to efforts to memorialize a site where Japanese Americans were incarcerated in WWII


Push to get Colorado’s Amache internment camp a national park designation interrupted by coronavirus

COVID-19 delays have slowed a three-year process that supporters hope will put the Granada War Relocation Center site under federal management


“Our” beloved Colorado: Race, privilege, and landscape in the state’s history

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The story of a dismal chapter in U.S. history didn’t end with internment camps

The history of Colorado's Amache facility outside Granada, like nine others in the U.S., gave rise to many remarkable stories of Japanese-American success and accomplishment

Book Excerpts

The internment camp story has been told — but these Colorado authors examined what happened after

Denny Dressman and the late John Elliff had collaborated before on World War II history. This time they told the stories of Japanese Americans who built amazing lives after the camps.

Colorado boarding school, where government sought to assimilate tribal students, listed as a “most endangered” place

Colorado Preservation, Inc. is working with Southern Ute leaders as they consider preserving the site near Ignacio, which recalls a painful chapter of U.S. history


Opinion: Amache presents a new national park opportunity to preserve an important part of our history

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