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Farmers hit with most disruptive price hikes, supply shortages in decades as pandemic slowdowns catch up to Colorado

Colorado farmers and agricultural businesses have been hit with cost increases for pesticides, fertilizer and other supplies as global supply chains sputter in the wake of the pandemic.


Opinion: This year, Labor Day has new meaning for Colorado farmworkers

Enjoy the fruits of Colorado farms knowing those who worked the fields now have basic labor protections

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A Colorado school district wants its students to know where their food comes from — and how to scramble an egg

Two school districts in Routt County, Hayden and South Routt, are using a state grant to infuse agriculture into every grade, pre-K through high school.


Farmers on Rio Grande in New Mexico face early water cutoff for second straight year

The Oct. 1 shutoff means winter crops are at risk


Opinion: We’re running out of water. It’s time to overhaul Colorado’s storage system

The federal infrastructure package is an opportunity to fix and expand the state’s network of dams, reservoirs, pipes and pumps.

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Opinion: To make agriculture more climate-friendly, carbon farming needs clear rules

We established a center at Colorado State University that develops and implements soil-based solutions to climate change.

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Colorado farmworker rights and wages bills signed into law, along with other measures aiding immigrants

The farm labor rule was part of a raft of bills passed by the Democrat-controlled Legislature to boost immigrant rights.


As Western drought leads to grasshopper outbreak, officials launch what could be the largest killing campaign since the ’80s

Cattle ranchers fear that the drought-loving insects will strip bare public and private rangelands.


Colorado agricultural workers will get expanded rights, more pay. Here are the details.

Senate Bill 87 drew significant opposition from Republican lawmakers and the agriculture industry, but Democrats say it addresses decades of inequity

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Opinion: “Getting out, getting along” should be our common environmental mantra

Agriculturalists, hunters and anglers do some impressive conservation work. Recreationists should also pay it forward. And it wouldn't hurt for everyone to get to know each other.


Colorado restaurants are funding farming and ranching projects that suck carbon from the atmosphere

Some see regenerative agriculture as a key way to reduce the amount of CO2 in the air worsening climate change.


Jim Morrissey: What’s for dinner at the Colorado governor’s mansion on “meat out” day?


Grape disappointment: Colorado vineyards say an October freeze will chill their 2021 vintage

Bad luck merges with the pandemic to cork the state’s wine production, but past years’ surplus provides solace


Gigabit internet coming to more rural southwestern Colorado communities

Utah internet company wins second federal grant to provide broadband to Dolores, San Miguel and Montezuma counties. Locals hope to see more economic activity, better mobile service.


Food grown for research once rotted in Colorado fields. Now, it’s feeding the hungry

Colorado State University agriculture experiment stations are donating the fresh produce they grow to food banks


“A big year” for Olathe sweet corn as pickers pluck first ears of the season

Grower John Harold estimates 35 million ears of corn will be harvested this season, most of it bound for King Soopers stores


Opinion: Colorado’s farm-to-table capital is under threat from drilling

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Palisade peach freeze prompts Colorado governor to declare emergency

The emergency declaration enables farms to access assistance programs including loans with flexible repayment terms


A bitter freeze and coronavirus have sprouted big problems for Palisade’s peach season

Growers on Colorado’s Western Slope knew they had a market problem because of COVID-19. But killing freezes last week put an end to their worrying about too much fruit this summer and now some are wondering if they’ll even have enough.


Colorado growers face “risk like we have never faced before” as coronavirus puts up labor walls

Work in the "essential" agriculture industry can go on, but the pandemic’s threat to the market has shaken some Western Slope farmers and orchard men to their roots. Others call the panic overblown.

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