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Lauren Boebert’s outburst during president’s somber moment on Afghanistan jolts State of the Union

By Farnoush Amiri, The Associated Press WASHINGTON — As President Joe Biden was coming to the end of his State of the Union address Tuesday night, a somber moment about his son’s death turned into a stunning outburst by one of the Republicans’ most outspoken members. Delivering the loudest heckling of Biden during the speech, […]

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A Colorado-bound Afghan family was caught in the Kabul airport bombing. Some survivors still haven’t made it to America.

An escape from from Taliban rule and a path to Colorado were within sight for Ahmad Khalid Rahin and 17 members of his family when the blast from a suicide bomb attack at the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, tore through their plans as quickly as shrapnel tore through their flesh.  Rahin, 44, and two of […]

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Littwin: The war in Afghanistan wasn’t lost in the chaos at the airport. It was lost the day we decided to invade Iraq.

There could be no celebration as the Afghan war finally comes to an end. At best, there can be mixed emotions, but mostly there’s sorrow and there’s regret. As Americans, we never like to say we’ve lost, but this time it’s unavoidable.  The Taliban, whom American troops had routed nearly 20 years ago, are now […]

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Littwin: Joe Biden made the right call in leaving Afghanistan. If only he’d known how to pull it off.

Given that there was never any real possibility of victory in Afghanistan, it’s hard to say exactly when the war was lost, other than to realize that it was lost long, long ago. They don’t call Afghanistan the graveyard of empires without reason. The actual departure itself was always going to look bad. As foreign […]

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“A lot of complex feelings”: How 3 Colorado veterans who served in Afghanistan feel about the country’s collapse

Colorado is home to thousands of soldiers and airmen, many of whom deployed to Afghanistan over the past 20 years — some of whom did not return or came back mentally and physically scarred by the conflict. The chaos unfolding in the South Asian country over the past week has left those veterans battling mixed […]

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Democratic Colorado congressman on Afghanistan: “We didn’t need to be in this position”

U.S. Rep. Jason Crow, a Centennial Democrat, slammed the Biden administration Monday for the chaotic situation unfolding in Afghanistan as Afghans who helped American troops over the past two decades flee the Taliban’s rapid takeover. “I’m not going to mince my words on this,” Crow, an Army veteran who fought in Afghanistan, said Monday during […]