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Corporate incentives used to draw companies to Colorado back at pre-pandemic levels

About 80% approved for the job-creation incentives end up calling Colorado home but an estimated 50% never cash in on the tax credits.


A rural Colorado high school’s aerospace class is paving the runway for a new generation of pilots

Calhan Public High School students recently took a field trip 1,000 feet above the ground, escorted by pilots wanting to open their eyes to a career in aviation.


Colorado’s Aerospace Alley prepares for Space Command move to Alabama

In February, the Defense Department — operating under new President Joe Biden — announced it would investigate the circumstances behind Trump’s Space Command decision


How does Colorado’s Lockheed Martin keep future engineers interested in space? By asking them to design robot cars.

The Colorado aerospace industry is adapting to a talent shortage by figuring out new ways to keep the future workforce interested in the space side of STEM.


Lockheed Martin sniffs around for space in Grand Junction

With recent BLM win, Western Slope city hopes to land a piece of aerospace