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Adams County

Adams County
Adams County

Arapahoe, Adams may leave Tri-County Health Department after Douglas split

Douglas County's intention to leave drove other counties to plan for transition


Tri-County Health mandates masks for people in schools, removes ability of counties to opt out

Health agency invalidates decisions by Douglas, Adams counties to opt out of school masking rules


Westminster police union alleges “troubling state” at department as rift lingers after chief’s suspension

One member of police brass responds “hell no” to officers’ push for collective bargaining amid claims of departmental dysfunction, emails show

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Opinion: The health risks of fracking justify Adams County’s new regulations

This JeffCo resident thanks you for being a good neighbor

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RTD faces backlash after slashing bus service to Adams County courthouse

Adams County officials say "the lack of access to public transit will restrict our ability to increase the quantity of cases heard – and could prove to be counterproductive to our goal of reducing the backlog of cases"

Crime and Courts

Adams County adopts new oil and gas regulations that critics say will effectively ban drilling

Adams is one of the first Colorado counties to adopt new drilling regulations under Senate Bill 181


Fort Collins planners, worried about Poudre River impacts, reject Northern Water’s plan for 3-mile pipeline through the city

Rejection of the NISP pipeline is yet another skirmish in a series of water and pipeline battles playing out in the northern Front Range.


Opinion: As county commissioners, we see smart ways to close Colorado’s digital divide

Success requires more than just throwing money at the problem. We’ve tried that in the past, and it failed.

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Opinion: 3 Colorado county leaders on how the new legislative plan for transportation could be revved up

The time for investing in our future is right now. Let's not kick the can down the road — again.

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Colorado will likely miss its recycling goals again this year. What will it take to change the tide of waste?

Recycling has been seen as a personal responsibility, but more initiatives around the state are looking at making structural, systemic change.


Colorado gave local governments more power to regulate oil and gas. And some are using it.

The legislature’s 2019 overhaul of drilling rules through Senate Bill 181 empowered some cities and counties to prioritize safety. But other energy-friendly areas have held back on flexing their new muscles.

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Opinion: Despite COVID-19 challenges, educators are doing their best to serve students

We will continue to work with our school districts to prioritize the health and safety of students and educators while creating the best learning and teaching conditions.

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Mask rules in jails vary from county to county as pandemic worsens in Colorado

In El Paso County, site of one of the largest coronavirus outbreaks in the state people who are jailed only recently started receiving cloth masks to protect themselves


More Coloradans than ever voted this year, and the state’s turnout ranks in the top 5 nationwide

Members of both major parties and unaffiliated voters all cast ballots at record-high rates, but Democratic counties led the way

Election 2020

Colorado election officials say they’re confident voters will be able to cast their votes safely

Voter intimidation and electioneering have not been serious issues in Colorado, and officials expect that to continue through election day

Election 2020

Why Colorado Democrats are trying to unseat the most bipartisan Republican in the legislature

Kevin Priola’s seat in Adams County is a top target for Democrats this year as the party tries to expand their majority in the Colorado Senate

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Rejected ballots top 10,000 in Colorado. Election officials are working to get them counted.

Mail ballot rejections in the 2020 election remain below average, but are expected to rise and disproportionately affect younger voters, an analysis shows

Election 2020

Colorado vote tracker: Here’s a look at turnout in the 2020 election

A statewide analysis and breakdown of the top 11 counties shows Democrats hold the vote edge in Colorado

Election 2020

Colorado opens statewide in-person voting with rules designed to prevent coronavirus outbreaks

Counties across the state have set up voting procedures to address health guidelines and voter fears about COVID-19, using money from the federal CARES Act to buy everything from gloves to disposable pens.

Election 2020

Opinion: Want to support Colorado firefighters? Take action on climate change.

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