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The ACLU has become a powerful player at the Colorado Capitol. But at what cost?

The ACLU of Colorado team credited with helping pass a slate of sweeping criminal justice reform measures abruptly resigned this month amid questions about whether the organization — powered by a jump in donations and a favorable political climate — was too aggressive in wielding its new status as one of the most influential groups […]

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Carman: Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy lives in the beating hearts of Colorado’s justice system

The news of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death on Friday hit Phil Weiser “like a gut punch.” The Colorado attorney general who clerked for Ginsburg in the 1990s was poised to observe the Jewish High Holy Days when he heard the announcement. “2020 has already been such a hard year,” he said. “Add […]

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Colorado officials reach settlement over prison inmates vulnerable to coronavirus

COLORADO SPRINGS — Colorado prison officials have reached a tentative agreement in a lawsuit over its treatment of prisoners who are at risk of developing severe symptoms if infected with the coronavirus, court records say. The Colorado chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union sought a lawsuit in May against the Colorado Department of Corrections, […]

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Colorado Democrats unveil sweeping police accountability bill in response to George Floyd’s death

Democratic state lawmakers on Tuesday began to unveil a sweeping bill aimed at increasing law enforcement accountability in Colorado by collecting racial profiling data, ensuring officers hold each other accountable and making it easier for the public to file lawsuits against police. The measure, which could be introduced as soon as Wednesday, also would beef […]

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Colorado governor defends prison system, accuses ACLU of using coronavirus to push its agenda

Gov. Jared Polis on Thursday defended steps taken by his administration to prevent the coronavirus from spreading in Colorado prisons, saying groups urging him to do more to protect inmates are using the public health crisis to advance a broader agenda.  “It’s no surprise that there are some in the advocacy community that want to […]

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Asylum-seekers find compassion, resources at “House of Peace” once released from Aurora immigration center

Gurwinder Singh Aujla was unsure of what to do after winning his asylum case and being released from the privately owned Federal ICE Processing Center in Aurora. The 19-year-old from India was legally allowed to reside in the U.S., but he knew no one in Colorado, had little money, no phone and nowhere to go.  […]

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A Colorado lawmaker has agreed to stop blocking people on social media after being sued. But the ACLU wanted more.

A Colorado state lawmaker who was sued earlier this year in federal court by the ACLU has agreed to unblock a constituent on Facebook and Twitter and no longer block people on social media as part of a settlement. But that’s not exactly the outcome the civil rights organization was hoping for.  The settlement in […]

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Should it be illegal for Colorado’s elected officials to block someone on social media? This lawsuit may provide a definitive answer.

Can the people we choose to lead us block or censor constituents on social media? It’s a question leading to increasing conflicts in Colorado between citizens and their elected officials in all levels of government. The legal answer is one that remains mostly unanswered in the state, despite several high-profile lawsuits that have ended settlements […]