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2019 legislative session

2019 legislative session

Colorado’s $30.3 billion coronavirus-sickened state budget explained in 10 numbers

The state budget includes a $200 million IOU for unspecified legislation that will eliminate tax breaks or raise fees, leaders said

Colorado’s coronavirus budget crunch is putting Democratic accomplishments at risk

The Joint Budget Committee will begin meeting next week to consider recommended spending cuts, but they still may not be enough to balance the budget

Here’s the top political story of 2019 and the decade in Colorado. And what to watch in 2020.

A survey of political observers from across the partisan ledger put the 2019 legislative session and the U.S. Senate race top of mind.

Colorado is bad at recycling, so lawmakers spent months looking for solutions. Here’s what they proposed.

Two draft proposals that advanced through an interim committee called more study before lawmakers take action

Colorado’s oil and gas industry voices its concerns. But Gov. Jared Polis dismisses them.

The Colorado Oil and Gas Association’s annual Energy Summit this week in Denver shows the debate about Senate Bill 181’s tougher regulations is not over

Colorado lawmakers missed a significant number of votes in the 2019 legislative session

Being a state legislator is a part-time position, and work, family and health often lead to absences, a Sun analysis shows

A question to repeal national popular vote compact in Colorado is poised for 2020 ballot

The organizers with Coloradans Vote say they have enough signatures for submission Aug. 1 as Gov. Jared Polis defends efforts to "get rid of" the Electoral College

To recall Jared Polis, critics must get 10,521 voter signatures a day. Here’s what else you need to know.

An organization called Dismiss Polis is behind the petition to oust the Democratic governor, but it does not have support from other recall committees.

GOP blasted Democrats for the 2019 legislative session. But they supported nearly every bill, analysis shows.

A dozen Republican lawmakers, led by Sen. Kevin Priola, sided with the Democratic legislative agenda the vast majority of the time

The 2019 legislative session in Colorado explained in 5 graphics

An analysis of votes in the House and Senate shows Republicans split and Democrats in alliance on the 460 bills passed this year

To pay for housing and roads, Colorado lawmakers turned to an unusual source: the public’s “lost and found”

Colorado State Treasurer Dave Young, a former legislative budget writer, warns about using reserve accounts and putting budget “at risk”

Gov. Jared Polis made headway on 22% of his campaign pledges so far, Promise Tracker analysis shows

The Colorado Democrat’s early achievements are featured in emails to supporters from his 2022 reelection campaign

Why Jared Polis vetoed 5 bills, and what it could mean for thousands of licensed professionals in Colorado

The Democratic governor blocked regulation of genetic counselors, sports agents and HOA managers -- moves that erode consumer protections, critics argue

Front Range air quality is terrible, but Colorado’s efforts are showing some improvement in ozone pollution

A slate of new laws is expected to speed up air-quality improvements, but Denver still hasn't met standards that the EPA set more than a decade ago

A breakdown of the 8 issues Colorado lawmakers will study before the 2020 legislative session

The Democratic-led General Assembly is analyzing topics ranging from school safety and college affordability to private prisons and tax breaks

$120 million in requests and $40 million in the bank. How an obscure theory helped prioritize the Colorado budget.

State Rep. Chris Hansen made Colorado one of the first test cases for quadratic voting in the public policy realm in the 2019 session

Colorado considered an abortion law more severe than Alabama. It failed, for now.

The state is a refuge for women seeking abortions, but Democrats see room to improve with the repeal of a constitutional amendment

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis cheered the legislative session. But his scorecard is less certain.

The Democratic first-year governor identified more than 40 policy proposals for the legislative term. He completed major ones but also lost key battles

How an obscure tax case became a $250 million political fight at the end of the legislative session

In a momentous session, Senate Bill 233 may have been the most important bill of the year that few outside the Gold Dome even noticed.

Nicolais: If the chaotic session didn’t whet business’ appetite to participate in Democratic primaries, it should have

With the slow decline of the Colorado Republican Party, the business community may be forced into Democratic primaries to stave off policies it perceives as the most detrimental

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