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Colorado Voter Guide 2018

HEADS UP: It’s too late to send your ballot by mail. Make sure you take it to your local voter service and polling center or 24-hour ballot drop off box. You can find the closest one to you at

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Get to know your ballot

  • The top 5 races to watch in Colorado // Link
  • A breakdown of every statewide ballot issue in simple, nonpartisan language. // Link
  • How to check your voter registration, where to drop off your ballot, how many people are registered and more questions answered. // Link
  • The story behind how the USPS gets ballots to every registered voter in the state. // Link
  • Problems voting or with your registration? We want to hear about it. // Link
  • Did you spill soup on your ballot? Leave it in a rental car? Here’s what to do. // Link
  • The FBI is training political campaigns to fight foreign influence in Colorado elections. And here’s what voters can do. // Link

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Jared Polis vs. Walker Stapleton

  • Where Jared Polis and Walker Stapleton stand on the issues // Link
  • What the polls show in the Colorado governor’s race // Link
  • Fact check: A look at what’s true and what’s false in Colorado’s 2018 governor’s race // Link
  • Republican voters want Walker Stapleton to be Donald Trump, and that could be a problem // Link
  • Jared Polis demanded Donald Trump release his tax returns, but now he won’t do the same (and neither will Walker Stapleton) // Link
  • In governor’s race, Jared Polis proposes new carbon tax, endorses other tax hikes // Link
  • Colorado’s candidates for governor offer a first glimpse into the importance they will place on cybersecurity // Link
  • Walker Stapleton’s PERA crusade: His warnings came true, but he missed the big moment for reform // Link
  • A guide to the outside money and political groups spending in the governor’s race // Link
  • The Tailhook scandal shook the Navy, and the GOP candidate for lieutenant governor found himself in the middle of it // Link
  • Walker Stapleton talks about his family’s past KKK ties and his connection to U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo // Link

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George Brauchler vs. Phil Weiser

  • George Brauchler vs. Phil Weiser: Where Colorado’s attorney general candidates stand on the issues, from marijuana to the death penalty // Link
  • Get to know George Brauchler, the Republican candidate for Colorado attorney general // Link
  • Get to know Phil Weiser, the Democratic candidate for Colorado attorney general // Link
  • George Brauchler, the Republican candidate for Colorado attorney general, is using the prospect of a “blue wave” — and a Polis victory — as a pitch to voters // Link

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Wayne Williams vs. Jena Griswold

  • Colorado has been called the safest place to vote under Republican Wayne Williams’ watch. But Democrat Jena Griswold says things could be better. // Link

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Education Funding

  • Colorado’s school finance system is broken. Is Amendment 73 the answer? // Link
  • Colorado voters could drastically change the state’s school funding this November. Here’s your guide to the ballot. // Link
  • Colorado is near the bottom of states in school funding. That’s why there are nearly 40 bond and mill levy override questions on ballots this fall. // Link

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  • What’s the difference between Propositions 109 and 110? What projects will they fund? How do they work? // Link

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Jason Crow vs. Mike Coffman

  • In his toughest political battle yet, U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman is trying to navigate his way to another re-election against growing headwinds // Link
  • Mike Coffman vs. Jason Crow: Where the candidates stand on the issues, from Trump to immigration and health care to guns // Link
  • Get to know Jason Crow, the Democrat running in Colorado’s 6th Congressional District // Link
  • Get to know U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, the Republican running for re-election in Colorado’s 6th Congressional District // Link
  • Fact check: A look at what’s true (and what’s not) in the race between Mike Coffman and Jason Crow // Link
  • The 6th Congressional District TV ad battle is one of the nation’s most expensive // Link
  • GOP group pulls TV advertising for Coffman, and Democrats dial back for Crow // Link

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Brian Watson vs. Dave Young

  • Get to know Republican Brian Watson. // Link
  • Get to know Democrat Dave Young. // Link
  • Brian Watson’s financial history resurfaces as he runs for Colorado treasurer. The Republican says “I’m thankful for those lessons.” // Link

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Tracking money in the election

  • The top 10 corporate donors in Colorado’s 2018 election — and what they want // Link
  • The top 10 individual donors in Colorado’s elections — and who they support // Link
  • Jared Polis’ personal spending on the governor’s race reaches $22.3 million, outside spending tops $43.6 million statewide // Link
  • Who’s paying for those political ads? Why dark money is tough to track in Colorado // Link
  • In the battle for the Colorado Senate, Dem candidates raise more money, but cash from outside groups gives GOP the edge // Link
  • George Soros, Tom Steyer enter Colorado governor’s race to help Democrat Jared Polis get elected // Link
  • Jared Polis is breaking spending records, but it’s little compared other self-funded candidates nationwide // Link
  • Conservative Colorado business leaders are behind dark-money political group spending big on state Senate races // Link
  • Here’s how much the Koch network may spend to help elect Walker Stapleton in governor’s race // Link

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  • How the “outdoor voter” has emerged as a potentially potent political force in Colorado // Link
  • Will two redistricting ballot measures this year put an end to one of Colorado’s longest-running political feuds? // Link
  • How to know if you’re being targeted on Facebook by political campaigns // Link

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