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Opinion: It’s time for Congress to reauthorize funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund

Tuesday, Oct. 2, was an exciting day in Colorado for public lands. We celebrated the 50th anniversary of the National Trails System, which includes the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail, running almost 800 miles through some of our state’s most iconic places, including Rocky Mountain National Park and up and over Grays Peak. We also […]

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Opinion: Do not be fooled: Here’s what it really takes to be Colorado’s next attorney general

We are Gov. John W. Hickenlooper’s chief legal counsel, past and present. Like many Coloradans, we are watching the November elections closely, particularly the race for Colorado’s next attorney general. For us, there is no more qualified candidate than Phil Weiser. He has the experience and, most importantly, the judgment necessary to take on the […]

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Sen. Bennet: Kavanaugh confirmation the “latest, lowest point” in endless partisan war

As delivered at the U.S. Senate on Oct. 4, 2018 Editor’s note: The Colorado Sun has also invited Sen. Cory Gardner to share his comments on Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Our vote on the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh has left this body and the American people deeply divided. But I think it has also united every American […]

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Opinion: Bad money vs. bad money — how a Denver ballot measure could be a blueprint for getting money out of politics

Driven by a bizarre confluence of Colorado and federal law, the money rushing into Colorado’s election has taken on a particularly unhealthy role this season. Coloradans are faced with a choice between the Anadarko-backed posterboy and a candidate that buys political offices like tech stocks. The state and country can do something to change this […]

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EPA regional chief Doug Benevento: Trust-but-verify technique proves Rocky Flats is ready for the public

Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge earlier this month opened to hundreds of visitors who came to enjoy the spectacular scenery, wildlife, and recreational opportunities the site offers. The transformation of this property is a marvel and an achievement to be celebrated. The refuge is located on lands that once surrounded the Rocky Flats industrial plant, […]

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Armstrong: Amendments Y and Z discriminate against members of Colorado’s minor parties

Gerrymandering undermines democratic institutions. Unfortunately, the Colorado ballot measures intended to fix the problem, Amendments Y and Z, however well-intentioned, are the wrong solution. The measures blatantly discriminate against members of minor parties — 58,219 active voters as of last count — by excluding them from participating in proposed redistricting commissions. Such discrimination is wrong, […]