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Opinion: Facts, not ideology should drive Colorado’s energy transition

Late last year, the U.S. government updated its state-level energy rankings. Colorado is the fifth largest producer of oil in the country, just ahead of Alaska and California, and sixth in natural gas. This may be news to some, but Colorado has always been a major energy-producing state. The Denver-Julesburg Basin and Southern Colorado’s Raton […]

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Plunkett: Don’t sit back and let the Aldens of the world commit great evil

Editor’s note: Chuck Plunkett, former editorial page editor of The Denver Post who now teaches at the University of Colorado, delivered this speech Saturday at the Graduate Teacher Program. Plunkett left The Post in May, a month after leading an editorial-page rebellion calling for the newspaper’s owners to sell, an action he describes as the […]

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Opinion: Americans deserve a government that works for all of us — not just for the oil and gas industry

As the government shutdown heads toward a second month, the Trump administration insists on pushing its reckless “energy dominance” agenda, continuing to process oil and gas permits while letting our national parks be pillaged. It’s clear that President Trump does not care if hard-working Americans go without paychecks, if families lack access to the services […]

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Nicolais: Martinez decision demonstrates Colorado’s Supreme Court commitment to judicial discipline

The Colorado Supreme Court sent shockwaves through various industry, environmental and political circles when it issued an opinion in COGCC v. Martinez last week. While the outcome of the decision certainly sparked multiple reactions and set the stage for an epic legislative policy battle, the rationale and reasoning behind the court’s opinion drew scant review. Coloradans […]

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Opinion: 10 things Colorado lawmakers should prioritize to be forward thinking on fracking

Colorado is poised to build a globally competitive clean energy economy that protects our quality of life and magnificent open spaces. Newly seated Gov. Jared Polis ran on a platform committing to an equitable transition to a clean energy economy. A booming oil and gas industry once largely confined to rural Weld County on the […]

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Opinion: Closure of midwife practices could escalate opportunity gaps for Colorado children

A safe, peaceful birth is a priority for everyone involved in the birth of a baby. From the parents to the providers, all want the first moments of a baby’s life to be healthy. We also know that starts with a healthy mother who has access to affordable and quality maternity and obstetric care — […]