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Record lumber prices are adding $35,000 to the sale price of a new home, further crunching Colorado’s housing market

A number of factors have forced lumber prices up, but many of them were around before the pandemic began.


Coloradans are worried about affordable housing and want the government to do something about it, poll shows

Fifty-seven percent of registered voters consider finding affordable housing a problem and 61% want the government more involved


Students designed a net-zero solar home in one of Colorado’s coldest mountain towns that could help a housing crisis

The challenge started on a lark during the Solar Decathlon hosted in Denver in 2017. University of Colorado students persisted with novice crew -- and through COVID-19 -- to build a sustainable option to the lack of affordable housing in resort communities.


Beloved — and rare — sunset spot in Westminster has become a battleground between developers and neighbors

Builders want 5,500 people to live on what is now a hilltop respite and one of the largest infill open spaces around Denver, with a conflict to come over affordable homes, climate change and more.


State stimulus tracker: We’re keeping tabs on Colorado lawmakers’ $800 million coronavirus aid package

The spending affects everything from transportation projects to mental health initiatives and helping the agriculture sector deal with drought

Politics and Government

Foster youth who leave the system as teens could return until age 21 under new Colorado proposal

About one-third of foster kids who leave the system to live on their own end up homeless within three years. A proposed change would let them go back until their 21st birthday.

Politics and Government

Aurora and Colorado Springs want more water. The proposed solution — a new reservoir — would have far-reaching impacts.

Two of Colorado's largest cities are working together because they have the same problem: Planners don’t think they have enough water where they are to support the cities’ expected growth.


Colorado cities can’t force developers to build affordable housing. Democratic lawmakers want to change that.

New state legislation would reverse a 20-year-old court decision and allow cities and counties to require affordable units in new developments.


Colorado lawmakers, governor unveil $700M state economic stimulus plan. Here’s where the money will go.

The money lawmakers are using to pay for the state stimulus plan comes from unexpected tax revenue.

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How the $1.9 trillion federal coronavirus aid bill will affect Colorado and Coloradans

From $1,400 direct payments to expanding the child tax credit and billions in aid dollars to counties, cities and educational institutions, the legislation covers a lot of ground

Politics and Government

In Colorado’s uneven coronavirus economic recovery, some thrive while others can’t make ends meet

Economic indicators look pretty good a year into the COVID economy, but does that make sense, especially if you can’t pay rent?


Two paychecks from eviction: Coronavirus shined a light on Colorado housing instability

Renters’ advocates are reviving efforts to change Colorado law in order to help keep people housed, even when they’re late on rent


RTD wants more housing near stations. It may sacrifice parking spots to make that happen.

RTD is expected to vote Tuesday on a new transit-oriented development policy that would make 35% of housing units built on its properties affordable.


U.S. Forest Service rethinks road through public lands to ritzy Vail Valley development

Following objections to Berlaimont Estates, the White River National Forest’s supervisor must scrutinize the impacts of 19 luxury homes on the broader landscape


A disillusioned ExxonMobil engineer quit to take action on climate change. He found his net-zero place in Arvada.

After 16 years of working for the oil giant, Dar-Lon Chang said Exxon would not address climate change. So he quit the sector for good, and began a new low-carbon life.


With homelessness more visible than ever, Colorado cities don’t have to count outdoor residents

While Denver and Colorado Springs opted out of the annual homeless count during coronavirus, Grand Junction and Glenwood volunteers fanned out to rural camps


Confusion and omissions dampen hopes for speedy COVID-19 vaccinations of unhoused Coloradans

Providers are concerned about getting unhoused people back for the required second dose of coronavirus vaccine.


A national eviction ban will help Colorado renters stay housed until March 31, but there are asterisks

State’s rental assistance programs receive $247 million in federal aid. Tenants can now apply for three months of future rent, which has property owners saying there’s no need for moratoriums.


Denver asks federal appeals court to stop ruling on homeless sweeps

The city is appealing Monday's ruling requiring them to give a week's notice before clearing illegal encampments.


Federal judge requires week notice before encampment sweeps in Denver

Judge William Martinez ruled Monday that Denver must give a week's notice before clearing out illegal encampments.

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