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A Colorado Springs wellness clinic is now barred from providing coronavirus vaccines

CDPHE barred Dr. Moma Health & Wellness Clinic leaders Friday from providing COVID-19 vaccines following a months-long investigation


The story of the Colorado woman who won’t get vaccinated despite being denied kidney transplant


University of Colorado’s health system fires 119 unvaccinated workers

Among those fired, 54 employees were from the Denver region, 33 from northern Colorado and 32 from the southern part of the state


Colorado officials may weaken coronavirus vaccine mandate for health care workers

The proposal would require only 90% compliance for hospitals and nursing homes and would give more latitude to religious exemptions


The affordable housing crisis on Colorado’s Western Slope is showing no sign of easing

The housing gap is wide in Mesa County, which is short 3,736 rental units affordable for people making less than $25,000 per year.


At least 92% of Denver city workers are vaccinated after mayor enacts mandate

Employees were required to either prove they were vaccinated or obtain an exemption to the mandate by the end of Thursday or face possible termination.


A Colorado town is about as vaccinated as it can get. But it still has COVID.

Shots alone aren’t enough to prevent spread because of porous geographic boundaries and waning vaccine effectiveness against the highly contagious delta variant


Pediatrician, medical student sue University of Colorado over denial of COVID vaccine religious exemption

The federal lawsuit filed by the Thomas More Society is the latest clash over a growing number of private- and public-sector vaccine mandates nationwide


Judge dismisses Denver police officers’ challenge to city vaccine mandate

Seven officers claimed that the city did not have the authority to impose the mandate


It’s now illegal in Colorado to send kids to lockup for non-serious crimes. But what if they can’t go home?

Nearly every district attorney in the state signed a letter asking the state Department of Human Services to provide shelter beds for juveniles


Douglas County will continue receiving public health services from Tri-County through at least 2022

The county will still have its own board of health in charge of things like local public health orders, but the residents will receive services “as though the county were still a member of TCHD"


Not enough kids are using Colorado’s school COVID testing program for it to work, governor says

Fewer than 5,000 kids — less than 1% of Colorado’s K-12 student population — are signed up for the state’s weekly testing program launched earlier this month


A federal deadline for Colorado to redesign its child welfare system has arrived

Under the Family First law, states are rewarded for keeping children in family settings instead of institutions

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Why Colorado’s hospitals have bent — but not broken — during the latest COVID surge

The state’s relatively high vaccination rate is one reason


Colorado schools that require masks have lower coronavirus case rates, state says

Data also show a correlation between higher vaccination rates for kids and lower rates of COVID-19


WHO says air pollution caps should be much tougher in Colorado, U.S.

Influential world health monitor issues strict guidelines calling for steep cuts to ozone and particulate PM2.5 emissions in Front Range counties that saw sharp spikes in both this past summer.


FDA approves Pfizer COVID-19 boosters for seniors, high-risk workers


Colorado county leaders blast state officials over mental health, claim 69 foster kids are missing

In a letter to state officials, county human services directors say their caseworkers have had to sleep in office buildings with children because they can’t find them a bed.


How programs across Colorado aim to end “period poverty” with free tampons and pads

People who menstruate sometimes find themselves choosing between buying food and paying for hygiene products. Schools and charities are trying to change that equation.


Wyoming governor sends National Guard to help COVID-strapped hospitals

Guard members were deployed to 24 sites in 17 cities in Wyoming

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