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Gunnison County bans restaurants, bars from serving people 60 and older to slow coronavirus spread

UPDATED: This story was updated at 1:33 p.m. on March 16, 2020, to report sweeping changes to the Gunnison County public health order, including closing all short-term lodging. Gunnison County has ordered a dramatic step in the fight against COVID-19: Bars and restaurants can no longer serve people 60 years and older. Those establishments can […]

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How loud is too loud? Telluride thrives on music festivals, but some locals want to turn down the volume

“Window rattling.” “Wall shaking.” “Ear Shattering.” Those unpleasant-sounding descriptors have turned into fighting words in Telluride, where they have been directed at a sacrosanct part of this mountain town: music festivals. Those festivals have been a big part of Telluride’s mystique since Telluride Bluegrass twanged into being in 1973, followed by the Jazz Festival, Blues […]

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Colorado hemp farmers say they know more than the feds and want to keep regulation in state hands

As Colorado hemp growers ready their fields and greenhouses for an anticipated 120,000-acre crop this year, state policymakers are working on a plan to bypass proposed federal rules that threaten to wither the promise of the state’s hemp industry. Colorado has had its own successful hemp oversight program for six years, and the Colorado Department […]

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A deputy’s knack for sussing out mules has made a lonely stretch of I-70 the top drug-bust site in Colorado

LOMA –– A patch of asphalt interrupts the median of Interstate 70 on an empty stretch of scrubby desert 10 miles east of the Utah border. It is a perfect spot for watching vehicles blow through on commutes, vacations, recreational outings, commercial load-hauling trips. And drug smuggling missions. For more than two decades, Mesa County […]

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Want to learn how to drive a Maserati or Aston Martin in a blizzard? Colorado mountain towns are where you go.

CRESTED BUTTE — The driving conditions near Crested Butte are perfect: ice-crusted and snow-packed curves winding through an absolute whiteout. It’s a yeehaw kind of day for a cadre of professional drivers who are roaring down a course carved into a rolling cow pasture. At speeds up to 90 mph on straightaways, they slide sideways […]

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Lost for decades, the Colorado Orange apple variety has been found — officially

Over the past two decades, apple preservationists Jude and Addie Schuenemeyer have identified more than a thousand apple varieties that once grew in Colorado’s orchards and backyards. But pinpointing one very rare and possibly extinct apple had eluded them – until last week. “We are 98% sure, give or take 3%, we have found the […]

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This Colorado rum is a rare spirit 100% made by women — all the way down to the forklift drivers

CRESTED BUTTE — Spirits were running high recently at a nondescript building in an industrial park south of Crested Butte where a dozen women squeezed in between ton-sized bags of sugar and walls of oak barrels for what could only be called a working celebration. It had to do with rum. The women were bottling […]

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An apple revival near Four Corners is restoring hundreds of historic fruits — and the local ag economy

MCELMO CANYON — The apple orchard on Jude and Addie Schuenemeyer’s farm in a squiggle of a canyon in far southwest Colorado is a wild place. Turkeys gobble around on the hunt for bugs in native grasses that grow nearly as high as the gnarly limbs of the apple trees. Those trees are set hither […]

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A hemp green rush is remaking agriculture in Colorado — complete with get-rich CBD dreams and flimflam profiteers

DELTA COUNTY — On a sunny fall day at the tail end of harvest season, wagons piled high with what looks like bushy, green tumbleweeds are rolling in caravans past a dry, rattling cornfield, heading toward a new hemp-processing plant near Delta. These loads are piled high with hopes. Growers are banking on hemp to […]

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An early freeze loomed for Colorado’s grapes, but wine drinkers’ evolving taste is the real threat

It’s grape harvest season in the Grand Valley, and that means it’s time to ponder an emerging wine-country dichotomy. Vintners were recently scrambling to save their grapes as an early freeze settled in and temperatures plunged into the low 20s. But, in the next few months, some of these same growers will be struggling to […]