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An early freeze loomed for Colorado’s grapes, but wine drinkers’ evolving taste is the real threat

It’s grape harvest season in the Grand Valley, and that means it’s time to ponder an emerging wine-country dichotomy. Vintners were recently scrambling to save their grapes as an early freeze settled in and temperatures plunged into the low 20s. But, in the next few months, some of these same growers will be struggling to […]

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Lockheed Martin sniffs around for space in Grand Junction

An oh-by-the-way comment dropped into a recent Club 20 address by Gov. Jared Polis may—or may not — signal a significant economic development win for the Western Slope city of Grand Junction that has been wooing the aerospace industry. Polis was speaking to the Western Slope coalition of counties at their annual fall meeting Saturday […]

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A Western Colorado professor’s mosquito book created so much buzz that it brought him to tears

GRAND JUNCTION — Timothy Winegard has plastic mosquitoes stuck on his office door. Books about mosquitoes are packed onto more than one shelf above his desk. A file box, Sharpie-marked “mosquitoes,” sits beside his desk. Mosquito-related events crowd his computer calendar. And mosquito messages clog his email. So, is this Colorado Mesa University assistant history […]

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In the age of “go back where you came from,” Palisade carries on tradition of thanking orchard workers before they leave

Francisco Pacheco is in his 39th year working the peach orchards around Palisade. He was 17 when he first took a bus from his home in Sonora, Mexico, to join a seasonal crew pruning, thinning and picking peaches. He is about to wrap up a year that has been particularly tough because of sweltering heat […]

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Colorado State University is fast-forwarding archaeology with tech to help future researchers understand today’s Earth

Colorado State University archaeologist Chris Fisher was in the beginning stages of unearthing an ancient “megalopolis” in the state of Michoacán, Mexico, a decade ago when he ran up against a tough reality: it would take him the rest of his career to document such a huge find using traditional archaeological methods.  The buried city […]

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An army of teen employees is helping fight a Colorado tourist town’s worker shortage

CRESTED BUTTE — Crested Butte is jammed with visitors during this former mining town’s busiest time of year. Impatient drivers fume on the clogged 15-mile-per-hour streets. Lines string out of restaurant doors. Espresso machines belch incessant steam as baristas race to fill cups. And the bins at ice cream shops are scooped to the bottom. […]

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Sweet corn put Olathe on the map, but seeds of economic revival didn’t take

When giant, two-story machines called mule jacks lumbered into the corn fields around Olathe this week, it signaled that highly anticipated Western Slope sweet corn was about to hit grocery stores and grills — for the 33rd year running. But change is afoot beyond the million-plus ears of tender, high-sugar corn that will be picked, […]

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Gunnison’s farm season has grown by 28 days. The proof is in “Barometer” Bartleson’s weather records.

Bruce “Barometer” Bartleson pulls a tattered brown folder from a china cabinet and runs a finger down a column of faint figures on the top sheet of paper. He stops on one line: on Dec. 12, 1901, the numbers show, the high temperature in Gunnison was 44 degrees. The low was 22. Bartleson’s eyebrows go […]

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Technicolor explosion of wildflowers springs from epic snowpack in Colorado’s high country

Residents of Crested Butte have been wearing out superlatives as the piles of snow around the Wildflower Capital of Colorado have slowly begun to disappear. “Astounding!” “Extraordinary!” “Incredible!” Those adjectives are popping up from petal peepers like the blooms that had been lying in wait under the epic, late-melting snow. After a few sunny days […]

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In Colorado mountain towns, the U.S. Post Office no longer delivers like it used to

Margaret Bowes has personally felt the pain of a poorly functioning postal system in Colorado’s resort towns. In her role as executive director of the Colorado Association of Ski Towns, she recently ordered paper goods from an out-of-town supplier and specified that they be delivered to her home office in Dillon. Instead of receiving the […]