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As students return, Colorado State University works to help them adjust to campus life during COVID

A sophomore like Joshua Duran typically would know the ins and outs of Colorado State University by the start of his second year. But as Duran helped sign up students interested in the United Men of Color student organization during this week’s Fall Student Involvement Expo, he found he didn’t know much about the Fort […]

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Colorado community colleges predict another year of declining enrollment

Colorado community college leaders face a troubling trend as the fall semester approaches — fewer students are projected on campus than last year when pandemic restrictions were at their height. The projected decline comes even as college officials expect students back for in-person learning. The delta variant’s uncertainty seems to be the cause, according to […]

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Colorado will allow four-year colleges to grant associates degrees to those who dropped out

Over 13,000 Colorado residents have earned more than 70 college credits at four-year state universities in the past five years but stopped short of a degree, according to the Colorado Department of Higher Education. Now, a new Colorado law lets universities award those students with an associate’s degree. Giving students with some college an associate’s degree […]

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Tenured professors at Colorado public colleges are predominantly white

In a state that’s become increasingly diverse, the professors who teach at Colorado’s four-year colleges are overwhelmingly white. Of the 3,500 professors who have tenure, just 15 of them are Black women. Another 38 are Black men. Hispanic students now make up about 20% of the state’s universities. But Hispanic professors? Less than 8% of all […]

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Colorado banned legacy admissions at its public colleges. But what does that really mean for students?

Colorado made news in May as the first state in the nation to ban legacy admissions at its public colleges. But few colleges in the state even consider an applicant’s family ties to a school, so what does the law really change? The answer, advocates say: perception. They hope the law especially helps people of color, […]

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Union slams University of Colorado spending, wages and bond debt

A University of Colorado labor union has questioned the university system’s priorities, pandemic cutbacks, and business model, and urges more spending on students and employees. The United Campus Workers Colorado/Communications Workers of America Local 7799, which represents workers at the system’s four campuses, said in a report released Monday that the University of Colorado has prioritized building […]

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As Mark Kennedy departs, University of Colorado students call for a change in direction

After nearly two years bemoaning their president’s slow responses and missteps on critical issues, University of Colorado students — particularly those of color — are celebrating the early departure of Mark Kennedy. They see his exit as a chance to steer the system toward a more progressive track. Faculty who censured Kennedy a month ago […]

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Two Colorado colleges plan to remove junior from their names. But will the change attract more students?

Colorado lawmakers and college officials hope a name change will help reverse years of sharply declining enrollment at two rural campuses, and in turn, also help support the towns they serve. The change, requiring legislation, would remove the “junior” from Otero and Trinidad State junior colleges. The bill would leave Northeastern Junior College as the last […]

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Colorado education interests spend millions on lobbying. Most of it goes toward retaining, gaining funding.

This story is a collaboration between the Colorado Sun and Chalkbeat. When she was a brand-new legislator besieged by lobbyists, state Sen. Rachel Zenzinger felt a tap on the shoulder from a man telling her she was late for her next committee. The Arvada Democrat rushed to the elevator and the man accompanied her all […]