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Silverman: Under Colorado law, it matters a lot where you fall on an icy sidewalk

I’m worried about you, my fellow metro Denverites. I’m afraid you may be slipping, just like me. It’s the times in which we live. One snowstorm after another. Relentless shoveling. And what’s the point?  It’s just going to snow more.  That is the point! If homeowners dilly-dally and don’t get that first snow cleared from […]

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Silverman: Cory Gardner should be finished now in Colorado

Sen. Mitt Romney made me proud. I supported him bigly in 2012. Utah’s senator delivered an epic capstone speech and verdict to this historic impeachment.  Other Americans demonstrated courage since those fateful October days when we read the whistleblower’s report, the call summary and the written testimony of Ambassador William Taylor.  Cory Gardner has displayed […]

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Silverman: To B or not to B? A love story for some, but Denver just wasn’t that into these two-wheel beauties

It must have been love. But it’s over now. She left town at the end of January. I remember when she’d leave Denver every winter, but that was long ago.  We’ve been year-round for a while. Then, out of nowhere, a thunderbolt to my heart. I learned it on a blog. She was leaving Denver. And me.   Our […]

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Silverman: Let’s look at the Colorado lawyers at the center of the impeachment trial and Washington power

Barristers, start your engines. Time now for the lawyers to perform at this so-called trial in the U.S. Senate.  Legal reputations will be made or lost in coming weeks. The whole world will be watching. Colorado Congressman Jason Crow was a fascinating and unexpected choice to be a House manager.   Several Colorado attorneys are center stage during […]

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Silverman: It’s happening. Impeachment is moving to the U.S. Senate this week. The trial is imminent.

Declaring it dirty, filthy and disgusting, President Trump often refers to impeachment, as the “I” word. For the Narcissist in Chief, it’s interesting how many words that begin with “I” will define Trump’s presidency. Impeachment. Iran. Incredible. Imprisonment. Imminent.  Let’s immediately consider the word imminent, derived from the Latin, imminere, “to overhang.” Something is imminent […]

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Silverman: The criminal justice pendulum is swinging the other direction in Colorado

Jared Polis is no John Hickenlooper. When it comes to criminal justice, Gov. Polis is way less cautious and far more progressive.  An outspoken critic of the War on Drugs, Polis was also at the forefront of cannabis legalization while Hick always seemed conflicted.   What penalty fits what crime? Colorado’s view on proportionality has swung […]

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Silverman: ‘Tis the season for basketball, but we get lumps of coal from Comcast and Altitude

Tis the season. Basketball season. NBA games galore on Dec. 25. A quintuple header. Our Northwest Division-leading Nuggets will pluck the Pelicans Christmas night. Santa and ABC/ESPN are good to us on their big day. The rest of this regular season, we get lumps of coal from Comcast and Altitude Sports. Unless you have DirecTV […]

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Silverman: Cory Gardner, no one should make you lie and cover for Trump’s wrongdoing

Dear Cory, Picking up my holiday letter where I left off … I have confidence in America, the Rule of Law and our Constitution. And in you … Cory Gardner, to honor your sworn commitments. I watched your 2015 Senate oath taking. That was awkward. Creepy Joe deserved his nickname that day. Regardless of oath […]

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Silverman: For Democrats building an impeachment case: Keep working, and wait for it.

Jonathan Turley is right. So was Alexander Hamilton. Listen up, U.S. House. Take a break. Go see the play, Hamilton. Let Newt Gingrich and the GOP have a merry Christmas.  While Newt eggnogs, Nancy Pelosi’s team must find ways to deliver a winning impeachment case. It would be foolish to turn the matter over to the Senate […]