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Silverman: ‘Tis the season for basketball, but we get lumps of coal from Comcast and Altitude

Tis the season. Basketball season. NBA games galore on Dec. 25. A quintuple header. Our Northwest Division-leading Nuggets will pluck the Pelicans Christmas night. Santa and ABC/ESPN are good to us on their big day. The rest of this regular season, we get lumps of coal from Comcast and Altitude Sports. Unless you have DirecTV […]

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Silverman: Cory Gardner, no one should make you lie and cover for Trump’s wrongdoing

Dear Cory, Picking up my holiday letter where I left off … I have confidence in America, the Rule of Law and our Constitution. And in you … Cory Gardner, to honor your sworn commitments. I watched your 2015 Senate oath taking. That was awkward. Creepy Joe deserved his nickname that day. Regardless of oath […]

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Silverman: For Democrats building an impeachment case: Keep working, and wait for it.

Jonathan Turley is right. So was Alexander Hamilton. Listen up, U.S. House. Take a break. Go see the play, Hamilton. Let Newt Gingrich and the GOP have a merry Christmas.  While Newt eggnogs, Nancy Pelosi’s team must find ways to deliver a winning impeachment case. It would be foolish to turn the matter over to the Senate […]

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Silverman: Let’s not hide from hard truths or label it fake news. Let’s talk about the impeachment hearings.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like OJ. A divided country watching sworn testimony and cross examination on live television from our Capitol. Talking head lawyers on both sides will saturate the cable TV networks.   Back in 1994 -95, I was a veteran Denver Chief Deputy DA called on by a hungry media for my […]