Every generation, along come genius athletes with minds and bodies working faster and better. Prodigies create signature moves other athletes never before considered. They are game-changers. 

Such superstars defy traditional boundaries. Consider an enormous center leading his NBA team in assists. And everything else. Meet reigning, repeat NBA MVP, Nikola Jokic

Now contemplate a “high-stepping” cornerback also excelling on offense. In the NFL. An MLB star, too. And now, he’s masterfully coaching NCAA football! Neon Deion Sanders is always a flashy step ahead. Sko Buffs!

We need Colorado sports media with the bandwidth and talent to match this moment. Fortunately, Adam Mares at DNVR has emerged. Not content to cover sports old-fashioned ways, Mares has creative ideas on how to better cover Colorado athletics, while energizing sports communities.

Basketball’s a lifelong passion for Mares. He excelled as a 6’5” 225-pound center at Thornton High and Colorado College. An accomplished  scorer and rebounder, Mares also led his teams in assists. No wonder Mares is an unabashed admirer of the surreal skills of Jokic. 

Mares elbowed his way into Colorado sports media through wise tweets, entertaining guest shots on local talk radio and a basketball blog called the Denver Stiffs (once part of SB Nation). By 2015, Mares acquired a Nuggets’ NBA press pass and access to the team he loves. 

In 2019, Mares and three co-founders created DNVR, which Mares described to me “as a merger between my style and vision and Brandon Spano’s infrastructure and ability to push this thing forward at all costs, and just continue to monetize what we’re doing.” 

Pandemic tedium led Mares and other on-air talent to live stream their daily bull sessions. An audience developed and never stopped growing.  The “DNVR Sports” YouTube channel now has 27,000 dedicated subscribers.

Mares personally podcasts over two hours most days, which is impressive given his obvious preparation. Beyond hosting, Mares is administratively responsible for delivering great DNVR Nuggets-like quality content to dedicated fans of other major Colorado sports teams.

There are specific DNVR podcasts and websites for the Avalanche, Rockies, Broncos, Buffs and Rams. What a great time to own DNVR Buffs!

DNVR Sport’s most popular podcasts are post-game shows celebrating Nuggets victories in the “Winners’ Lounge,” or commiserating over defeats in the “Losers’ Lounge.” Dedicated fans need a place to unwind and review games afterward. 

People want their podcasts fresh. Nothing beats live. Immediately after Colorado sports events end, here comes a DNVR Sports’ post-game show. Many are live from DNVR’s great sportsbar/restaurant/studio

Live streaming allows provocative commenting on YouTube. The cast of regular DNVR c0-hosts all have different personalities and perspectives. 

As their DNVR leader, Mares depends on his superior basketball knowledge, creativity, passion and authenticity. 

Mares never disguises being a fan. Mares thinks audiences can judge him fairly on the quality of his commentary. And we do. Mares knows NBA basketball.

The DNVR concept has gone big and national. Mares and his partners have created ALLCITY Network, expanding operations to Phoenix (PHNX Sports) and Chicago (CHGO Sports). Mares selects and coaches their on-air talent, too.

ALLCITY podcast hosts should love the hometown team and be able to share the microphone. Mares values hosts who are upbeat and with a natural sense for the rhythm of a conversation. 

Different-sounding voices are important. So is good humor. Mares never wants his products to sound stale or lack energy.

Interest in Jokic is international. Mares took his DNVR crew on a pilgrimage to Serbia to discover the roots of Jokic’s greatness. Many of us enjoyed the trip vicariously online.

A Hundred Invisible Threads” is a magnificent, fast-paced documentary chronicling DNVR’s exploration of the former Yugoslavia. Summer 2022 was perfect timing because Jokic was playing critical basketball for Serbia to qualify for the FIBA Basketball World Cup. This movie has drama.

On my podcast, Mares explained that “Jokic, more than any player, taught me something about the game I did not know. Even now, every time I watch him, I just feel like I’m learning something new about the game.”  

Many fascinating characters are in this Serbian documentary, but Mares stands out. If you liked the late Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” shows, you’ll enjoy Mares as your fascinating narrator/host.  

We experience many Serbian food and drink celebrations. There’s a shared passion for basketball. And respect for Serbia.

The documentary illustrates the profound impact national dissolution and war had on sports in that region. Mares’ fast-paced story begins with people of the Balkans discovering basketball almost a century ago.

With many tall people, Serbia embraced the sport, producing many great players and successful national teams. Jokic is their national hero. Like all of us, Serbia craves recognition and respect. 

You don’t even need to be a sports fan to enjoy this DNVR documentary. Watch it and you’ll become an Adam Mares fan, if you are not already. 

Colorado has the Stanley Cup. We have the Joker. Primetime, too. Add in Adam Mares at DNVR and this may be the golden era for Colorado sports. 

Keep your eyes on these guys.

Craig Silverman is a former Denver chief deputy DA. Craig is columnist at large for The Colorado Sun and an active Colorado trial lawyer with Craig Silverman Law, LLC. He also hosts The Craig Silverman Show podcast.

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