AURORA — A man wanted in connection with the shooting death of his girlfriend in Georgia was shot and killed by police after a standoff in suburban Denver, authorities said Tuesday.

Fabien Perry, 27, emerged from a home in Aurora holding a high-powered rifle around 2 a.m. Tuesday, and an Aurora police officer and an Arapahoe County sheriff’s deputy both fired at him, Aurora police Chief Daniel Oates said.

Fabien Perry. (Handout)

Perry initially said he would surrender after police found him at the home on Monday but later refused and began livestreaming himself in the home holding the rifle, Oates said. Officers heard gunshots being fired from within the home about five hours before he emerged with the rifle, he said.

Officers did not fire at the home at that time, which was around 9:30 p.m. Monday he said.

Some nearby homes were evacuated while residents of other homes farther away were told to remain inside during the standoff, Oates said.

In a statement, police in Roswell, Georgia said Perry was wanted in connection with the death of his girlfriend, Johana Cabrales-Hernandez, 23, on July 6.

Oates described her as the mother of two of Perry’s children and said she had been shot in the face with a high-powered rifle.