Greeley angler Juan Jiminez sets up his fishing rig at Poudre Ponds, a salvage order suspending bag limits has been issued as the city drains the lakes to prepare for repairs. Salvage orders have been issued for more lakes and reservoirs than in a decade, in some cases because of the drought. (Dan England, Special to The Colorado Sun)

More Colorado fishing holes have closed this year than in the past 10. Anglers are rushing to fill their freezers.

Bad algae, low water levels and even intake repairs are putting fisheries out of commission. And nobody wants perfectly fine fish to go to waste, leading to “salvage” declarations.

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What’s Working: Colorado unemployment rate drops to 6.4%, $19 million for small businesses, plus “Lost Wages” leftovers

It’s the last day to certify for the $300 LWA, but if you’ve been stuck in the state’s unemployment system, there’s still $180 million left.

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Ian Neligh rode his childhood fascination with heroes and artifacts of the Old West to a year-long project

The award-winning journalist sought to hold up the figures from his youth against modern versions of bounty-hunters, brand inspectors and bare-knuckled brawlers

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“Spurred West” examines the myth of the Wild West, starting with its icon, Buffalo Bill Cody

Author Ian Neligh spent a year researching the legends that inspired the lore that captivated America and beyond, to see if remnants of the dime-novel stories lives on in the West