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Greeley is growing so fast, it’s starting to run out of water

As a climate change-fueled megadrought engulfs the American West, some communities are going to extremes to protect their water supplies.


How Colorado counts kids eligible for subsidized lunch is a recipe for school budget disaster

As lawmakers sit down to reform the state’s school finance formula, they’re worried using help with meals as an indicator of poverty will cause districts to lose money dedicated for “at-risk” students.


JBS meatpacking plant in Greeley shuts down so workers can get COVID-19 vaccine shots

Workers at the plant where six employees and a corporate manager died from the coronavirus will receive 4 hours of pay plus a $100 bonus for getting the vaccine.


UNC program prepares students with intellectual, developmental disabilities for competitive jobs

Students are integrated into classes, dorms, jobs and community life at the University of Northern Colorado. “Let them show you what they can do,” one educator says.


Workers at Greeley meatpacking plant where 500 were sickened by coronavirus will be vaccinated

The major meatpacking companies — JBS, Cargill, Tyson Foods and Smithfield Foods — say a number of states plan to begin vaccinating meat plant workers this week, including in Iowa, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, North Carolina, Missouri, Kentucky and Michigan.


$5 million bond for man accused of killing 12-year-old Greeley girl in 1984

Prosecutors said that there was enough circumstantial evidence to charge Steve Pankey, 69, with the killing of 12-year-old Jonelle Matthews

Crime and Courts

“We’ll never do as much as he did”: Immigrant meatpacker in Greeley who died from coronavirus left legacy of compassion

Saul Sanchez spent decades working alongside other immigrants and refugees at a JBS meatpacking plant in Greeley that would become a coronavirus hotspot


JBS meatpacking plant in Greeley accused of negligence after COVID-19 outbreak

Hundreds of workers at the JBS plant in Greeley were infected with the coronavirus and at least six died


Workers protest $15,615 federal fine for JBS meatpacking plant in Greeley where coronavirus killed six

The United Food and Commercial Workers Union called the fine for the multi-billion dollar company “insulting” and “ineffectual"


More Colorado fishing holes have closed this year than in the past 10. Anglers are rushing to fill their freezers.

Bad algae, low water levels and even intake repairs are putting fisheries out of commission. And nobody wants perfectly fine fish to go to waste, leading to “salvage” declarations.


Colorado’s governor says state can still shut meatpacking plants down as union calls for protections

“If they need to be closed again we are confident that we have the tools to be able to do that,” Gov. Jared Polis told reporters on Friday.


From very busy to barely anyone: What Colorado businesses looked like as they reopened after a coronavirus pause

The Colorado Sun talked to businesses across the state to find out what they experienced on their first day back open after the stay-at-home order


How students stuck in Colorado dorms re-create college life by themselves

Only a few hundred students still are on campuses in Greeley, Grand Junction, Gunnison and Durango. And the road less traveled leads to a quiet, dreary dorm room, where online classes, reheated meals and longing for connection await.


Stopping coronavirus is a huge challenge at crowded U.S. meat plants, including in Colorado

At least four meatpacking plants in Colorado have seen outbreaks of the new coronavirus


Greeley pregnancy center loses website battle with abortion-rights activists calling it a “fake clinic”

The center claimed the domain name “Truth4Greeley” was too similar to its slogan, “Tests4Greeley”


Greeley beef plant to close until April 24 to stave off deadly coronavirus outbreak

The closure will allow for the plant to be cleaned and for staff to be tested for the virus.


Union demands better conditions at Greeley beef plant as coronavirus outbreak worsens, draws White House’s attention

Both President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence mentioned the outbreak on Friday during their daily briefing on coronavirus with the media.


Health officials investigate beef plant in Greeley after 30-plus employees test positive for coronavirus

On Tuesday, JBS USA CEO Andre Nogeuira told The Greeley Tribune he was confident workers inside the plant were safe from the virus


Coronavirus-related deaths among Colorado nursing home, senior-care center residents rise to at least 64

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is still not releasing the fatality data, citing jurisdiction and privacy issues

Sun Investigation

Deaths of at least 32 Colorado nursing home, senior living center residents linked to coronavirus

Six people have died of COVID-19 complications at Centennial Healthcare Center in Greeley alone. Four others from one Littleton assisted-living center, Libby Bortz, also have died.

Sun Investigation
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