Looking up the March 7, 2019, Jones Pass avalanche path at the crown. The cornice likely collapsed in the upper right portion of the image, resulting avalanches on both sides. The cornice face was over 15 feet tall. Avalanches stepped down in both directions into a layer of near-surface faceted crystals about a meter deep as well as into the depth hoar layer at the ground. (Provided by the Colorado Avalanche Information Center)

Guides’ familiarity with terrain, underestimating danger possibly had role in fatal Jones Pass avalanche

Hans Berg, a photographer and guide with Empire-based Powder Addiction snowcat skiing, was killed March 7 in a massive slide that broke trees “like popsicle sticks”

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Opponents of Colorado’s new oil and gas regulation law won’t try to repeal it — at least not this year

Opponents had planned to ask voters in November 2019 to repeal and replace the law, but last week the Colorado secretary of state's office rejected four versions of their proposed ballot initiative

Voters, for the first time, could get final say in the war over wolves in Colorado

Western Slope is keystone to connect wolf population from the Arctic to Mexico, advocates say, but ranchers, hunters expected to fight back

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Colorado jails can’t hold people accused of low-level crimes in lieu of bail anymore. And that means current inmates could be released.

At least one Colorado county jail believes they have inmates who could have to be released under the new law